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Ohio State running back Rod Smith dismissed from team

Ohio State redshirt-senior running back Rod Smith has been dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules, sources close to the team told Lantern TV on Monday evening.

The Fort Wayne, Ind., native rushed for 549 yards during his OSU career, including 101 yards and four touchdowns on 24 attempts this season. Smith played, but did not touch the ball during the Buckeyes’ 31-24 double-overtime win against Penn State on Saturday in State College, Pa.

Sources confirmed Smith’s departure to Lantern TV following an initial report by Eleven Warriors.

An Ohio State spokesman didn’t have any information to provide regarding Smith’s status with the team.

Smith did not immediately respond to The Lantern’s request for comment.

The Buckeyes are scheduled to play Illinois on Saturday at Ohio Stadium. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m.


  1. What a shame. No word on what caused this but it must be something very serious. And to add salt to the wound, it comes at a crucial time when the Buckeyes are going to meet up with the Spartans next week. Good Luck Rod in whatever your future holds…..

  2. We run these young men into the ground, ask them to beat their bodies to a pulp for us, and the second one of them uses marijuana (which is known for its pain relieving benefits) we destroy his life and possible professional football career to avoid any liability. No help, no support, just a quick kick out the door.
    This is the moral compass OSU runs on…. Cover your A**
    Urban Myers is a morally deficient self serving d bag.

  3. SMH, sorry for the young man to a point but guess what – life has rules. If you don’t want to play by them well then you may just find yourself on the outside looking in. That isn’t just a football thing but a life thing. It is unfortunate that society doesn’t teach this very important lesson from infancy anymore. I really don’t understand how you think protecting the integrity of the university is wrong. In this day and age of trial by public opinion and the moronic inconsistencies of the NCAA what option do you have when a kid just won’t play by the rules? I applaud Meyer for showing strength and character unlike his predecessor (or a Florida State coach for that matter).

  4. SMH, do you have some inside source for your comment about players using marijuana? Let us all know. The guy broke a rule, he’s gone. That’s the way the system works. “We” don’t run these young men into the ground. No one forces them to play football. They made that choice, willingly, as a way to get into college and, hopefully, the NFL. The bigger problem is that many of these kids are not college material, in the scholastic sense. Just listen to them doing interviews. Sometimes I cringe.

  5. If he can steal, vandalize, rape and beat women, Jimbo Fisher will take him down at Jimbo’s Thug Academy in Tallahassee, FloriDUH.

  6. Buckeye in the West

    Regardless where it is legal (Ohio does allow medicinal use); NCAA rules still prohibit the use of Class A controlled substances; this includes cannabis. Violating rules has its consequences; Rod Smith learned it the hard way. What is so sad about this, first he was on academic probation; then, this. Hopefully, he gains some sense and, at least, finish his education. It is his choice to finish out and graduate; he now has time to concentrate on his studies.

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