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Podcast: Fantasy Doctors week 6


In a heavy rivalry week, fantasy football is going to be interesting this week. To start, the matchup we are all waiting for (and by all, I mean Cleveland fans): Pittsburgh at Cleveland.

Along with that division match-up, we have Jacksonville at Tennessee, Detroit at Minnesota, New England at Buffalo, San Diego at Oakland, the New York Giants at Philadelphia, and to cap it off: San Francisco at St. Louis.

Why does this matter? Division games are always interesting because of the familiarity teams have with one another, as well as developing personal rivalries among the players.

In this week’s edition of The Fantasy Doctors we focus once again on the running back situation in San Diego as well as the Giants’ offensive weapons. Injuries are an occurring theme in fantasy football, and in a league where the mentality is next-man-up these two teams have players who could take advantage of that.

Injuries are also causing concern in the Rocky Mountains, as Denver is now going to be forced to use a committee of running backs with the injury to Montee Ball.

What else is new? The injury bug has bitten fantasy teams all over the country. Step into The Doctors’ office and we’ll give you some advice on how to avoid getting bit.

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