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Podcast: Fantasy Doctors week 7

In what I’d call a great week of football, I would be hesitant to call the waiver wire great this week. There are several players whose value has gone up, but we’re still waiting for that complete jackpot off the waiver wire.

With that being said, we focus on wide receivers this week.

First off, the New York Giants wide receiver corps is on our radar this week, with the unfortunate injury to Victor “salsa dancing” Cruz. Injuries are also a factor in Cincinnati, as A.J. Green remains on the sideline and Marvin Jones on the injury reserve list, it provided an opportunity for Mohamed Sanu.

As for running backs, we once again find ourselves talking about Ronnie Hillman. In last week’s episode we categorized him as roulette. He has now graduated to jackpot status. He had a solid showing this week, and if he’s able to keep up the work, he might take Montee Ball’s starting gig.

What about Antone Smith? Is he actually a threat?

How about those Cowboys? Can anyone stop DeMarco Murray and Tony Romo? It certainly doesn’t look like it! Try to think back to a time when you asked someone if Romo can be stopped. Probably never!

If that doesn’t tell you it was a crazy week in the NFL, then I don’t know what will.

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