The Fantasy Doctors have found the players you should be on the lookout for. This week’s edition is quarterback and tight end-heavy, as we discuss rookie and veteran quarterbacks and up-and-coming and established tight ends.

Fantasy football never seems to disappoint. In one of our leagues this week, a friend was losing by 30 points, and with the help of Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles, he came back and won 87.1 to 87. It’s performances like that that make you love and hate fantasy football.

Do you believe in Teddy Bridgewater? Ben Roethlisberger? Eli Manning? How about Jarius Wright? Or the entire Minnesota Vikings offense for that matter? Listen, and you’ll know what we mean by the Vikings offense.

What about the Bears? The team that continues to find itself in at least one of our matchups of the week. Maybe it’s because one of us has a vested interest in Jay Cutler and Matt Forte, or maybe it’s just because so many teams involved with fantasy football revolve around Chicago’s dynamic offense. Either way, the team continues to end up on our radar. Finally, let’s end with a simple question. Will Tony Romo and the Cowboys continue to play well or will they succumb to themselves as always and collapse?

Only time will tell.