The Office of the Chief Information Officer does not know yet how much information will be lost from the Carmen outage, according to a release Thursday from Executive Vice President and Provost Joseph Steinmetz to members of the Ohio State community.

According to the OCIO website, Carmen was 92 percent complete as of 7 a.m. Thursday.

According to Steinmetz’s release, Carmen is divided into two parts: a file server and a database. The database, which stores most of the course content — grades, quizzes, news items and discussions — was not affected.

The part of Carmen which was affected was the file server that makes the website run.

Carmen was fully functioning until Sunday night, when OCIO brought the site offline to expand its storage space, according to earlier releases from OCIO’s website.

Steinmetz said OCIO is restoring Carmen from a combination of backup, original and redundant files to restore all information.

He also asked professors to be flexible to rescheduling tests, deadlines or due dates if necessary and to be open to resubmission of the work if needed.

“We will provide all necessary support to affected faculty and students,” Steinmetz said.