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Fences, wristbands will be part of Mirror Lake jump for 2nd year

Courtesy of OSU.

Courtesy of OSU.

While students hoping to take the plunge into Mirror Lake’s icy November waters will have the chance next week, they’ll need a wristband for admittance for the second straight year. And though Undergraduate Student Government advocated for that requirement, some students aren’t sold on it.

The Mirror Lake area will be fenced off and access to the campus landmark for the jump will be available through two primary entry points to those with wristbands, which will be available to currently enrolled students, according to an Ohio State Department of Public Safety post about the jump.

“These were identified as priorities during discussions with Undergraduate Student Government and are designed to prevent non-affiliates from gaining entrance and aid in line management, getting as many students through as efficiently and safely as possible,” the post said.

Jumping in Mirror Lake before the OSU football game against the University of Michigan is a university tradition. This year’s jump is set to occur Nov. 25, and as of Sunday evening, about 3,200 people had responded to a Facebook event saying they plan to attend.

Students who only want to watch will need wristbands as well. And anyone who is “incapacitated and (is) unable to care for themselves” might not be granted entry, the Department of Public Safety post said.

“Staff members and safety personnel maintain the right to deny entry or to remove anyone at any time to enhance the safety of others,” the post said.

According to a weekly OnCampus email, students who jump “do so at their own risk” and OSU does not encourage jumping.

The 2013 jump created controversy when it was announced fences would be erected surrounding the lake for safety purposes. Students attending the jump were also required to wear a wristband to enter.

Some people protested the efforts and took to social media to plan a separate jump the night before the actual one was supposed to happen. About 1,500 people followed through and knocked down the fences to enter the lake on the Monday night before the scheduled jump.

The next night, approximately 10,000 to 12,000 people participated in the scheduled Mirror Lake jump.

Still, wristbands didn’t seem to be checked closely and some people jumped without them.

Even so, USG advocated for the fences and wristbands this year in a resolution it passed after several town hall-type forums with officials and students on the matter earlier this semester. The resolution was then presented to university officials including University Police Chief Paul Denton and OSU President Michael Drake, USG President Celia Wright said.

“We in student government recognize the value of fences. It seems like a necessary inconvenience for us but one that if we are going to try to preserve the safety of high schoolers that might otherwise be tempted to come — or students from anyone who might come who isn’t part of the community that might make it more dangerous — we see the value in the fences,” Wright, a fourth-year in public health, said.

Although she said the fences and wristbands are a productive idea, she added that they were probably received with anger by students because of the lack of communication between OSU and students last year.

“I think part of that (students’ anger) was the erection of a fence — and seeing that put a little bit of a damper on the spontaneity of the event and what makes it so fun — but not accompanying the presence of those fences and wristbands with a very clear explanation that it was meant to keep high schoolers from coming or alumni or people from around the community who aren’t actually affiliated with Ohio State from jumping,” she said. “I think most students would have recognized the need for that and would have been more supportive had they realized it.”

While this year’s announcement about fences and wristbands came more than a week before the scheduled jump, last year’s announcement was two days before the jump was set to occur.

Wright said the USG resolution also advocated for more entry points, as well as the use of student volunteers.

“I know that a lot of students at Ohio State enjoy the spectacle of the Mirror Lake jump but don’t necessarily want to get their feet wet and we’d love to give them a chance to be a part of the tradition in a different way with standing around the lake or maybe even different places around campus to make sure people are getting home safe,” she said.

Even though Wright said there is nothing she would change about this year’s protocol, she said she encourages students to celebrate the tradition after the jump and to not job while intoxicated.

Meanwhile, some students said they see the university’s protocols as a sound idea, but others disagree.

“I think it’s kind of stupid because last year it was still a mess. I feel like it (the fences and wristbands) made it worse because people jumped in on Monday and Tuesday because they did this, so why would they do this again?” said Laura Cardi, a third-year in strategic communication.

Cardi — who jumped both Monday and Tuesday last year and plans to jump again this year — said she doesn’t foresee another “Mirror Lake Monday” jump again this year.

“I feel like everyone could do it last year and there was no real restraint, so maybe it’s not as much of a motivation to go early,” she said.

Others like Scott Havard, a second-year in exploration who didn’t jump last year but plans to this year, said he thinks OSU’s safety protocols might be a good idea.

“Safety-wise, I think it’s kind of smart just because it’s gonna be below freezing temperatures and, you know, people can get hurt,” he said. “(OSU has) got to take precautions just for that.”

Administration and Planning spokesman Dan Hedman referred The Lantern to the Department of Public Safety’s post Sunday morning when asked for comment.

He did not immediately respond to an email Sunday afternoon asking how much the fences and wristbands are set to cost.

Wristbands are set to be available to current students from Friday through Nov. 25 at the Ohio Union and the RPAC Welcome Center.


  1. looks like we’re knocking down the fences again.

  2. I cannot believe Ohio State sponsers the Mirror lake jump despite the fact they felt the marching band had a sexualized culture and Jon Waters was fired over it. Anyone that has participated and/or watched this event sees drunkenness, partial and full nudity not to mention people have been hurt durning it. What’s the difference with Midnight Ramp that the band did?
    Only difference is Ohio State’s administration is flawed, hypocritical.They failed to see that Jon Waters was finding a solution to the problem yet they themselves are allowing the problem(s) to continue. You cannot have it both ways. #WeStandWithJon

  3. Ohio State – land of hypocrites. Who will get fired over this? Likely no one now since they offed the band director. I have nothing against the Mirror Lake jump. Let’s just have the same rules for all University students and traditions.

  4. I have no problem with the Mirror Lake jump. I do have a problem with the university using the much safer tradition of midnight ramp as one of the excuses for firing Jon Waters as Director of OSUMB. Such hypocrisy.

    Our beloved university is being run by self serving @&&$ They might as well be wolverines.

  5. If there is any drunkenness, partial or full nudity during this event, President Drake and the Mirror Lake Jump organizers must all be fired. If not they need to reinstate Jonathan Waters! How can they say that the band is a “sexualized culture”, when the university lets the Mirror Lake jump happen. The world is a “sexualized culture”, look at the TV adds they are showing. Look at the Hooters Girls commercial during the OSU vs MN game. We will wait and see when the fences are all knocked over because the other thousands of students that did not get wrist bands who want to jump in the lake. We will also wait to see all the YouTube video of the nudity and injuries that will happen. As I said before, Drake’s job should be on the line if anything wrong happens!

  6. Didn’t they learn from last year? The fences WILL go down.

  7. Our voices will not be silenced!

    This is a complete outrage!


  8. I GET IT NOW!!!! If the band had issued wrist bands before the midnight ramp (the fences were already there), Drake and his ridiculous followers would have had no problem with it, right? RIGHT??? It must be all about the wristbands. They magically make everything acceptable. Shame on you, OSU administration. This is the most enormous show of hypocrisy yet.

  9. So I get to make $50 off cutting red strips of paper and selling them as last minute wristbands? Thanks for the extra easy cash 😉 you sure showed me with your regulated jump OSU.

  10. buh bye fences.

  11. This tradition goes beyond just Ohio State students.. Do you think out of the 10-12,000 people that jumped last year, they were ALL osu students? Absolutely not.

  12. Meh. Luckily there are plenty of great schools that understand the value of a collegiate experience. Way to go Ohio (Police) State.

  13. #impeachCeliaWright

    USG wants the fences. #ImpeachCelia

  14. seriously? OSU is sponsoring a drunken brawl with half naked students at risk of getting injured? OSU administration = hypocrites #westandwithjonwaters

  15. Can you all stop trolling the Lantern’s website and shut up about Jon Waters? Find something new to talk about and understand that you continuing to talk about something that happened 5 months ago makes nobody want to advocate for your cause. There is a classy and appealing way to discuss your concerns, and trolling the Lantern doesn’t get anything accomplished.

  16. Can you stop trolling the trolls on the Lantern’s website and shut up about telling others to shut up about Jon Waters. Find something new to talk about and understand that you complaining about them complaining makes nobody want to listen to you any more. There is a classy and appealing way to complain about complaining and trolling the trolls on the Lantern doesn’t get anything accomplished.

  17. Celia is not calling for the fences and this is in no way a University sanctioned activity. They just aren’t willing to surround the lake with police and arrest anyone who comes near, which you drunken idiots ought to appreciate. Sooner or later, someone is going to die from this stupid “tradition” that dates ALL THE WAY BACK to the late 90s when there were riots on campus and students did get arrested and expelled regularly. I hope a few of you fence busters get caught this year and kicked out. Theres a decent tradition I can get behind.

  18. Maybe you should read the article?

    “Even so, USG advocated for the fences and wristbands this year in a resolution it passed after several town hall-type forums with officials and students on the matter earlier this semester. The resolution was then presented to university officials including University Police Chief Paul Denton and OSU President Michael Drake, USG President Celia Wright said.”


  19. The university does not support or sanction the jump. However, they also do not want students to die. So they do provide some assistance in the form of police officers and lighting.

    The Mirror Lake Jump is not a for-credit class. Marching Band is. No one is “in charge of” the Mirror Lake Jump. The band has a university-paid director.

    You are being ridiculous.

  20. C’mon,

    What is it about being a credited class or having a paid director that magically makes that person able to control the behavior of students outside of class. The football team is a paid class and they certainly have their share of off the field incidents. Are you expecting band students or student athletes to have different behavior than the rest of students on campus?

  21. Marching Band may be a “paid for” credit class however I am pretty sure most of them would participate in the band for no credit at all. Secondly, like John said, the university does not have control of students off university time. If they did every party and every bar would need to be shut down, and boarded up. Those of you saying the university doesn’t sponser Mirror Lake jump… They can say that all they want but they do, the wrist bands themselves are advertising.

  22. They are not a form of sanctioning. They are to restrict access to students only, so creepy High St dudes looking to watch drunken young ladies don’t have access. FFIO, you Jon Waters Zombies. Jesus, you all are so effing boring.

  23. Jimmie boom confetti

    Overthrow USG

  24. Celia Wright……more like Celia Wrong….why did people vote for her again?????

  25. Love the internet tough guys out hear.
    Not a single one of you have the balls to say anything like this to Celia’s face.
    Cowards, all of you.

  26. Someone’s a little touchy. Someone can’t take criticism that the majority of students don’t like this fence idea.

  27. Someone also can’t spell. I will “here” you out.

  28. The majority of students are represented by students YOU elected, genius.
    Welcome to democracy. (But I’m guessing most of you complainers didn’t even vote, right?)

    You want to throw stones, pick on everyone representing you, face to face, not just insulting the figurehead anonymously.
    You want change, go to your elected representatives and complain like a grown up.
    There were 3 forums USG put on for you all to voice your concerns… where were you?
    Drinking IC Light in some dump playing xbox, most likely. Busy fapping your life away, more likely.
    But, by all means, pick on the one student who is willing to stand up and take responsibility for you idiots.
    Have an internet tantrum cause you aren’t given every single thing your little butterfly hearts desire while you armchair quarterback cause you didn’t have the balls to run for office yourself.

    Like I said, cowards.

  29. Celia doesn’t have balls she’s a girl^^^^^^^

  30. Bust out the guillotine because heads will roll

  31. To reply to this sore loser fellow USG has always been terrible about marketing/outreach….The people in USG don’t care about the average student. They only care about their own selfish intetests

  32. I challenge this sore loser and any other USG idiot to a duel at dawn on the oval

  33. Fair enough, Alain. At least one of you has some heart out of 35,000.
    You win, Celia has to disband USG.
    I win every frat, sorority, or undergrad of any kind east of High has to move to Reynoldsburg, where they belong.

    Since you initiated, I call weapons.

    Nunchucks it is.

  34. I want to duel too only with beer

  35. “Celia Wright……more like Celia Wrong….why did people vote for her again?????”

    This is new and orginal *claps* great job you are so funny and clever

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