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Opinion: Buckeyes support one another in times of need

My class opened Monday morning with my professor addressing the class as always. This time, though, it went a little differently as she told us she was always there if we needed anyone to talk to, whether it was this semester or next, and that she had placed links to counselors on Carmen if we needed them.

Ohio State students and faculty are mourning the loss of beloved football player and friend Kosta Karageorge after Sunday, when his body was found. After the news, friends and students gathered to remember Karageorge and tell stories about him.

Through every tragedy, one thing becomes amazingly clear: the family we have here at OSU and in our community is a beautiful and rare bond. Crowds of people gathered to search for Karageorge when he was reported missing Nov. 26. His name and photo were placed everywhere around campus, shown repeatedly on the news by our local networks, and shown on the scoreboard during the OSU game against Michigan on Saturday. This was and is the time, more than ever, to lean on your fellow Buckeyes for love and support, and to be there for them as well. “How firm thy friendship.” 

My father, an OSU alumnus, died two days before my second year of college began. I was devastated, slid into depression, dropped every class I could without telling my mom, and then barely even attended the one I stayed in. Instead of just assuming I was skipping and not worrying about my attendance, a counselor from OSU contacted me to come in and talk to her when my professor noted all of my absences. 

She talked me through his death and suggested I make friends in class. I attended class that day for the first time in two weeks and began talking to the girl next to me. I told her what had been going on and she gave me her number immediately and told me to contact her if I need anything. She gave me reasons to come to class, whether it was hearing the latest gossip she had to tell me or grabbing lunch after class, and saved me from dropping out of school. She became a close friend during that quarter — yes, we were still on quarters — and we still talk to this day.  

OSU is home to a lot of traditions, some that outsiders do not understand or respect, but one thing stands clear to everyone who has ever met a Buckeye — we love our school and we love our city. That is why now it is important to remember that your fellow Buckeyes are hurting. They are missing a loved one and friend and might need some help, and we can be there to provide it. 

For anyone feeling sad, depressed or lonely, please seek help from someone. It does not have to be a counselor or therapist, but if you want to pursue that route, OSU has great people who can help. If you are uncomfortable talking to a counselor, please seek out a friend to talk to — you have 58,321 fellow Buckeyes to choose from, according to the 2014 enrollment data, and that is not even including faculty and alumni. “True to friend and frank to foe as sturdy sons of Ohio.”

Just remember, even if you ever feel alone in this world, you have an entire Buckeye nation behind you to love and help. 

“If on seas of care we roll, ‘neath blackened sky or barren shoal, thoughts of thee bid darkness go, Dear Alma Mater…O..HI..O!”

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  1. There are also many staff members who would be happy to talk to you.

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