There could be $4,000 of damage to the ‘Shoe after about 200 people forced their way in to celebrate Ohio State winning the National Championship, according to an estimate from the building coordinator for Ohio Stadium.

The group snapped a padlock in half when they broke in a gate at South Stands at about 1:45 a.m. on Tuesday after the title win. The approximately 200 people who made their way into the stadium were part of a larger mob that was “held at bay by police using crowd control tactics,” according to a University Police report.

The group made their way to the goal post at the south end of the stadium and started hanging on it and pushing it until it broke in two places. The report said the post snapped at one of the spots where it was welded.

Don Patko, who works as assistant athletic director for facilities, estimated the damage to the goal post at about $4,000.

There was also at least one incident of offenses involving underage persons that night.

On Sunday, there was a report of disorderly conduct when a student reported that her ex-boyfriend was in her North Campus residence hall trying to speak to her, but that he wasn’t welcome. The student and her ex-boyfriend had dated for less than a year before breaking up and remained friends until November when she told police that things got “bad” and she was uncomfortable with him showing up uninvited.

Police told the ex-boyfriend to cease all communications with the student or face possible criminal charges. The student wasn’t afraid for her life or afraid of threats of violence, according to the police report.

The next day, a student in a South Campus residence hall admitted to smoking marijuana. Police confiscated a vaporizer and a grinder in his room to be confiscated, said he was cooperative, and referred him to Student Conduct without charging him.