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‘Freedom Writers’ teacher to make Ohio State appearance

Cover of "The Freedom Writers Diary"

Cover of “The Freedom Writers Diary”

Erin Gruwell, a high school teacher who rose to fame for leading the “freedom writers,” is set to make an appearance at Ohio State next month.

The southern California native began teaching in the 1990s, and used unconventional teaching methods to engage otherwise troublesome students. She used “Schindler’s List” to relate to the intolerance in her students’ lives and “Romeo and Juliet” to relate to gang warfare.

She had her students write diaries of their own lives, many stories which were ultimately included in a 1999 non-fiction memoir of the method called “The Freedom Writers Diary.” Ultimately, all 150 of her students graduated high school.

Her teaching methods were also made into a 2007 movie, “Freedom Writers,” that starred Hilary Swank.

The OSU event with Erin Gruwell is set to take place Feb. 5 at 7:30 p.m. in the U.S. Bank Conference Theater at the Ohio Union. The event is sponsored by the Ohio Union Activities Board and no tickets are required.

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