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Ohio State Post Game Report: 2015 Sugar Bowl

No. 4 Ohio State defeated No. 1 Alabama 42-35 in the first-ever College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Sugar Bowl to make it’s way into the fourth National Championship Game appearance for the Buckeyes since 2000. OSU will face the Oregon Ducks on Jan. 12 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.

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  1. Urban I understand wanting the families of your players to travel to their games BUT what you propose isn’t fair. Isn’t this what got the tattoo gate players in trouble (forgetting they’re at Osu for an edu NOT to take care of family)? When my child’s buckeye team won their first title in program history it never occurred to me to “beg” for financial assistance to travel and see this achievement (I promise I know plenty of parents who made sacrifices to see our buckeyes in action). I hear all the time the FB program brings in the $ but other sports deserve for their families to see them as well???? Not the university’s job to help family and friends travel. See I said when the NCAA started paying athletes the “hand out” mentality would get worse and NEVER be satisfied!!!

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