A fight between friends during a soccer match turned into a disorderly conduct report with University Police.

Two friends got in a fight during a soccer game on Jan. 17. After one of the friends scored a goal, he celebrated by running over to his other friend, a 21-year-old student, and squeezing his stomach, according to a University Police report.

The student didn’t like being touched, so he reciprocated the gesture by pinching his friend’s stomach. His friend then put the student in a headlock.

When the student had difficulty breathing, he grabbed his friend’s leg and the two men fell to the ground. They then continued the soccer game, but the student told police that he thought his ear and the right side of his face were swollen, so he went to the emergency room to have it examined. Staff told the student he didn’t have any broken bones or injuries to his ear.

The next day, however, the student said he woke up with pain, and his friend agreed to compensate him for his medical expenses. He filed the police report that day to have a record of the incident should his friend not uphold the deal.

Police told the student that a disorderly conduct report would be filed because of the fight and both men were mutual combatants.

Two days after the incident, the student emailed police and said “he felt he may have taken things too seriously,” according to the report. The student said the case should be closed.

Throughout the first three weeks of Spring Semester, there have been nearly 50 reports of theft, five reports of disorderly conduct and six offenses involving underage persons.

Three of those seven underage offenses took place between Jan. 24 and Jan. 25, including one at a Sloopy’s bathroom at the Ohio Union and the other at a South Campus residence hall. Another took place late Saturday night at the Schottenstein Center.

On Jan. 20, two officers saw a man standing at the top of one of the Ohio Union parking garages, and decided to check on him.

When the officers got to the roof, they saw four men in a restricted area. One of the officers tried to talk to one of the men, but he ran away down a nearby staircase and ignored orders from the officer to stop.

The remaining three men said they didn’t know why the first man had run away and told police they were on top of the parking garage skateboarding and taking pictures of campus.

An officer also stopped two men on Jan. 18 when they saw the men urinating on the side of the Ohio Union.

When the officer approached the men, they started running down High Street. He eventually caught the men and they said they ran because they didn’t want to get in trouble, according to a police report. The men told the officer that they had already been in trouble with student conduct for a hazing incident.

The officer suggested that the men could have gone to a restroom at a bar or restaurant across the street and the two replied “yeah, we could have done that,” according to the report.