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Buckeye News Now: Ohio State students divided over divestment

Undergraduate Student Government elections concluded Wednesday night but several Ohio State students and organizations are still divided on the topic of divestment. According to the OSU divest website, Issue one, called for the university to cut financial ties from companies “complicit in Israeli human rights violations and the occupation of the Palestinian Territories.” Issue 1 was originally on the USG ballot but was removed by the USG Judicial Panel on a technicality. In a Wednesday press release, the Judicial Panel announced that Ohio state students would have the chance to vote on the issue in a special election later this month.This episode of Buckeye News now brings you both sides of the issue.

Lantern TV Meteorologist John Banghoff showcases your spring break weather across popular vacation destinations starting this weekend. Lantern TV also presents a men’s basketball BIG Ten Championship preview as well as an in-depth feature on one special member of the Ohio State football team. Jacob Jarvis, a teen stricken with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, spent the latter half of 2014 as an honorary captain of the National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes. We sat down with Jacob and his family to see just how he has changed following this past season and, as it turns out, a change in Jacob’s attitude has manifested itself into another great opportunity for the youngster.

Stay tuned for a look at 3D printing at Ohio State, Midway’s new ID policy, and hear First Lady Brenda Drake speak at a brunch on campus. All this and more in this week’s Buckeye News Now!


  1. There are no such things as “Israeli occupied Palestinian territories.” The same international agreement that established a border for the State of Israel in 1948, offered so called Palestinians a border for a separate State. Rather than accept, the “Palestinians” and several existing nations declared and waged war upon the new Jewish State. The Lost!

    It is both sad and disgraceful to see the quality of education at the Ohio State University decline to where it is today. Despite unending attacks upon Israel and its citizens, Israel has for over 60 years pressed for peace with its neighbors. Radical Islamic extremists have answered Israel’s call for enduring peace with Charters demanding the eradication of the Jewish State and genocide of Jews worldwide, and with unending rockets and homicide-bombers and numerous acts of terrorism.

    Divest That!

  2. Amen Chas Jones!!! I stand by Israel all the way!

  3. Hell yea! I agree with the guys above me! Looks like there are still true American patriots out there. These Moslems are trying to ruin our country. We should put them all in internment camps and ship em out.

  4. Very glad to see that things are moving forward for CJP. Human rights violations around the world will not go unnoticed to OSU students! I’m thankful that we are, at the very least, conscious of the climate of apartheid and the genocidal campaign championed by the state of israel against the indigenous people of palestine.

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