In this week’s episode of Buckeye News Now, we bring you an in-depth interview with Executive Vice President and Provost Joseph Steinmetz. Steinmetz speaks about data analytics, college affordability, and addresses his status as a former finalist for the University of Texas presidency.

Also, it’s election season at Ohio State and Lantern TV has coverage from the Undergraduate Student Government debates. Presidential candidate Abby Grossman and vice-presidential candidate Abby Waidelich are running against presidential candidate Michelle Bennett and vice-presidential candidate Noel Fisher. At Monday’s debate they discussed their platforms and ideas for the campus community. Lantern TV reporter Amanda Vaughn was at the debate and brings you a deeper look into what these new candidates hope to accomplish.

Meteorologist John Banghoff digs into the snowy weather coming to campus. While the ice and snow pile up on campus roads, we take a look into another roadside danger and what USG is doing to address them. Also on redevelopment, 9 acres located around 15th avenue and High street are set to be rezoned and transformed. The rezoning would allow for a public square. A hotel, parking garage, shops and apartments are planned to fill the area, where the o patio and pub, too’s and jimmy johns are currently located.

Our sports segment features Buckeye men’s basketball and hockey as they near the end of their regular seasons.