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Report: Women’s hockey coach Nate Handrahan resigns after sexual harassment complaints; assistant coach resigns

After just four seasons, Ohio State women’s hockey coach Nate Handrahan and one of his assistants have resigned, an OSU spokesman confirmed to The Lantern on Wednesday afternoon.

According to a report from The Columbus Dispatch, Handrahan resigned instead of being fired after being investigated by the university for “inappropriate and unprofessional conduct.”

The Dispatch reported that the university received complaints about sexual harassment and sexual innuendo. In one instance reported by the Dispatch, a witness said Handrahan told his players to “get horny for the puck.”

An OSU spokesman confirmed the resignation in an email to The Lantern on Wednesday afternoon, as well as the resignation of assistant coach Keith Maurice, who joined the program in May 2013.

The spokesman did not provide a reason for the resignations.

The Dispatch reported that on one occasion, another assistant coach, Carson Duggan, and Handrahan missed a team bus heading for the airport. When they later arrived at the airport, they were “smelling of alcohol and acting unprofessionally.”

Handrahan was just the second head coach in the 15-year history of the program.

This is at least the third resignation or firing within the university in the last two years that relates to sexual harassment complaints or a sexualized culture.

In July, former OSU Marching Band director Jonathan Waters was fired after an investigation found “an environment conducive to sexual harassment” within the band.

In May 2013, two assistant cheerleading coaches, Eddie Hollins and Dana Bumbrey, were fired after an OSU investigation found “sufficient evidence” both men had violated the university’s Sexual Harassment Policy.

Then in November 2013, the head cheerleading coach, Lenee Buchman, was fired after an investigation determined she failed to disassociate herself and the program from those fired assistant coaches.


  1. Time to move on with a new and more professional coach.

  2. Ohio state is a joke for letting this happen to a great coach! Love to know who complained of the sexual harassment. Another reason know body watches girls sports!

  3. he made $128k in 2014. There should be no tolerance for his behavior, university is not tolerating it either. Surprised how the cheerleading, band and now hockey coaches have been getting away with this.

  4. To equate this dismissal with the Waters firing is the worst of poor journalism. Not one incident of alcohol abuse by Waters ever occurred, nor did he ever use sexual innuendoes in addressing any female Band member. Three glowing performance reviews preceded his removal, for reasons which, it is now clear, had nothing whatever to do with issues in the Band, but simply to try to impress the Department of Education, and make up for the administration’s previous failures. The case against him was concocted to fit the University’s desired narrative, not the other way round. Putting the Waters fiasco with these two others is both careless and misleading.

  5. Other news services have reported that some players, for example, found inappropriate the term “get horny for the puck” during practice? How old are the player’s: 10? Maybe they should just get trophies for participating, have their healthy snacks and juice cups, and leave practice whenever they want. Equal to men. Right.

  6. Where there are verified and substantiated instances of breaking guidelines, rules and acting in an unprofessional manner, I agree with the firing.
    To bring up the Jon Waters firing in this same thread is wrong. These two situations are not the same.
    Jon Waters was never guilty of sexual harassment nor alcohol abuse nor unprofessional behavior. He was fired simply to satisfy the DOE need for someone’s head to make the Title IX inquiry to go away.
    Looks to me like there were better targets available

  7. Sadly The Lantern continues to cite the wholy discredited Glaros report which OSU Administration used to appease the DoE. Even the university’s own Montgomery report places the vast majority of blame on years of failure of administration by OSU. Yet the Board of Trustees and Dr. Drake continue to support the snap-decision to fire the band director. Why did Jon Waters not deserve the multiple chances which the cheerleading coach and now women’s hockey coach received? Yet more evidence of scapegoating the Marching Band to protect someone else. SHAME ON OSU.

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