Four OSU students are producing a dance show at the Columbus Dance Theatre this weekend. Credit: Courtesy of Kimberly Isaacs

Four OSU students are producing a dance show at the Columbus Dance Theatre this weekend.
Credit: Courtesy of Kimberly Isaacs

Friends since freshman year, four fourth-year dance students are producing their own concert called “Dynamic Collision” in an effort to showcase more of the talent found in the Department of Dance.

“We called it ‘Dynamic Collision’ because we each come from different backgrounds of dance, and we incorporate a lot of different styles,” said Kimberly Isaacs, a fourth-year in dance and arts management.

Julie Kogan, a fourth-year in dance, said one reason the group decided to do its own show was because the four wanted to create their own work and be able to get professional experience.

“Even though they (the Department of Dance) do a spring concert and a lot of seniors showcase their work in that, we’ve decided we want to go off on our own because we didn’t want to be limited to one piece in the show,” Isaacs said, “So we decided we were going to do a concert on our own. Even though we’ve taken a different path, they’ve (the faculty) been very supportive of us.”

The group contacted Columbus Dance Theatre about hosting the production, Isaacs said, because it is known in the dance community as a cheap and easy place to put on a concert.

“Dynamic Collision” allows each student to showcase what they’ve learned during the past four years.

“Even though we have  very different styles, we’ve known each other since freshman year, we’ve started to have similarities within our movement. When people see us dancing together they’re like, ‘Oh you look like a troupe or something,’ even though we are very, very different stylistically,” Kogan said.

Different styles included will be modern — a style of dance that rejects traditional ballet movements for greater freedom of movement — and its successors of contemporary, house and hip-hop styles.

“My rhythmic side is going to come out most during the piece,” Ca’la Henderson, a fourth-year in dance, said. “What I’ve learned in the last four years here (at OSU) shows more than what I’ve learned since I was 2.”

Wesley Charlton, a fourth-year in dance, said his style has turned into a fusion of multiple different styles, which will be showcased at the concert.

“Julie and I tend to incorporate a lot of hip-hop and urban dance styles. Over these past four years, I’ve been exposed to a lot of different styles,” Charlton said. “The focus of my piece is putting all of the dance styles on stage at once and having smooth transitions between each style.”

Isaacs said inspiration she focused on inspiration when creating and choreographing her pieces.

“For me personally, dance always has to have a meaning to it, so my piece goes along with this whole theme of dance inspiring self-confidence in people, especially youth,” Isaacs said. As part of her senior project, Isaacs works with kids at King Arts Complex, an arts and community center, and the kids will be joining her in her performance for “Dynamic Collision.”

Henderson said her inspiration comes from bipolar disorder.

“I am using research that I’ve come up with along with personal experience that I’ve had with this family member, and transcribing it through movement,” she said.

Kogan said it’s taken a lot of good time management to balance school, work and “Dynamic Collision.”

“It’s stressful at  times. It’s a lot of different personalities working together, but we’re all very professional and coming into our own. We’ll pull it together, I know that for sure,” Henderson said.

“Dynamic Collision” will be performed Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Columbus Dance Theatre, located at 592 E. Main St.

Tickets are $6.50 for students, OSU faculty and staff and seniors, and $10 for the general public.