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Court date set for Ohio State drum major instructor charged with rape and kidnapping

Stewart Kitchen in a staff photograph. Credit: OSU Marching Band

Christopher “Stewart” Kitchen in a staff photograph.
Credit: OSU Marching Band

An Ohio State marching band drum major instructor who was arrested Wednesday for two first-degree felony charges is set to appear in court next week.

Christopher “Stewart” Kitchen was arrested on Wednesday on charges of kidnapping and rape, according to Franklin County Municipal Court online records. The offense occurred on April 16, the records stated.

Kitchen, 28, had an arraignment Thursday morning and is set to have a preliminary hearing May 8 at the Franklin County Municipal Court.

Kitchen’s bond was set at $50,085. The court records stated that a bail transaction has been completed as of Thursday.

Kitchen also faces a $150,000 fee if he does not show up to court for his preliminary hearing on May 8. Kitchen was told to stay away from the primary witness and to avoid further acts of violence as conditions of the bond, the records stated.

OSU has placed Kitchen on administrative leave and has launched “its own internal investigation in accordance with university policy,” the university said in an emailed statement Wednesday evening.

“The university is deeply concerned to learn of criminal allegations against one of our employees of kidnapping and sexual assault,” the statement said. “He was taken into custody today (Wednesday) by law enforcement officials, and we will continue to assist them in their efforts. Since this is an ongoing law enforcement investigation, the university is limited in its ability to provide additional comment at this time.”

Clarification: May 1, 2015

In addition to his job as the marching band drum major instructor, Kitchen was also listed as a lecturer in the School of Music in the university FindPeople database. His name has since been removed.


  1. This is a clear violation of Jon Water’s constitutional rights. DRAKE IS BAD– BRING BACK JON WATERS.

  2. Et tu, Brutus?

    John Waters inherited a messy crappy situation that has been festering for a long time, he tries to remedy them yet he has to be the fall guy for it all. It’s no different with the President. Obama got a LOT of problems, corruption situations and hassles and crap falling onto his lap yet a gang of idiots heap ALL the blame on him for problems of the past 20 years or so that no one really paid attention to. He’s been trying to relieve and handle it all as well but the loudmouths won’t shut up, they don’t even want to work with him or work anything out or anything. It’s just bellyache and complaining all the time but offering NO other ideas.

    The Christopher “Stewart” Kitchen is something to complain about – and DO. If he is guilty of these heinous crimes he should be kicked out of his position, throw into prison and press-ganged into working in the prison’s “Hell’s Kitchen” and not let out until his carrot is shriveled up. These kind of crimes he’s charged with are sadistic and harmful to others and NO ONE should be allowed to get away with it. I’m a proud OSU alumnus and I say “Let’s see some justice again, OK?”. Let it start right here, right now.

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