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Koch brothers’ $500K pledge brings questions

Donations are commonly given to universities, and Ohio State is no exception. But an organization emerging from Suffolk University in Boston is looking to make students question the integrity of certain donors.

UnKoch My Campus, a movement that calls for more transparency from universities about where donated money goes, has grown nationally, and it focuses on donations from Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries.

Koch Industries is a Wichita, Kansas-based private conglomerate corporation involved in a variety of industries, including chemicals, biofuels, polymers and fibers, and more, according to its website.

According to the Charles Koch Foundation’s Form 990 tax filings for 2012 and 2013, the Koch brothers have pledged a total of $500,000 to OSU. A $100,000 gift has been donated in 2012 and 2013, and $300,000 is still promised.

OSU spokesman Gary Lewis said in an email that the pledged $500,000 will cover a senior lecturer of economics’ salary and benefits, and the pledge was booked in 2012.

The instructor teaches “approximately eight courses a year in the department on topics related to economic freedom and competitive markets, such as the history of thought, public finance, industrial organization and micro and macroeconomic principles,” Lewis said.

That instructor is senior lecturer Todd Nesbit.

Nesbit, who teaches six classes — three in the fall and three in the spring — said he works for OSU, not the Kochs, and he tries to keep politics out of the classroom and focus on teaching economics.

“My goal is to develop students, who certainly are critical thinkers, to really challenge all ideas,” Nesbit said. “Where they ultimately fall in terms of their positions on political issues, personal issues, anything, is up to them.”

The role he currently fills was held by someone else before he took the job in 2012, and the Koch money the department receives is meant to fund the position, not Nesbit himself, he said.

“There’s certainly a lot of misinformation about how these types of programs, from my understanding, impact academia,” Nesbit said.

Additionally, an extra $42,000 separate from the yearly pledge was donated across 2012 and 2013 as a gift for the “Economic Faculty Memorial,” Lewis said. The money is controlled by David Blau, chairman of the Department of Economics.

Activities suggested by the Koch brothers include “seminar presentations, graduate student research and travel, and faculty teaching,” Lewis added.

On the tax filings, descriptions such as “general support” and “educational programs” were listed under the purpose of the donations.

The UnKoch My Campus movement aims to bring more clarity and transparency to donations like these so students know where the money goes on their campus, said co-founder Kalin Jordan.

UnKoch officially works with nine colleges in the nation, including George Mason University, University of Central Florida and Utah State University. It also works informally with more than 10 other schools, meaning that there is no formal UnKoch My Campus chapter at these schools, but the organization still helps students through the process of requesting records and other information, Jordan said.

“We really support philanthropy and any kind of organization that wants to give to a university,” Jordan said. “But when the Kochs give, they have a very specific agenda set out and that agenda is to increase their political belief and their financial bottom line.”

According to a database curated by Greenpeace, which is based on the Koch’s 990 tax filings, the Koch brothers have given more than $68 million to more than 300 colleges from 2005 to 2013. The Koch brothers, who are tied for sixth on Forbes’ list of billionaires as of Sunday, are each worth $42.9 billion. Charles Koch, 79, serves as the CEO of Koch Industries, which is the second-largest private conglomerate in America. David Koch, 74, is the executive vice president of Koch Industries.

Suffolk University, Jordan’s alma mater, was given more than $700,000 to fund a think tank named the Beacon Hill Institute, which has authored reports that “discredit policies designed to mitigate climate change,” Jordan said in an email.

“They’re giving to a think tank that produces economic research, and a lot of the times, they’re studying energy policies, and those energy policies directly affect Koch Industries and their profits,” Jordan said. “So we’re seeing a link between their financial interests and … what they’re asking of when they donate to a university.”

The Kochs have also given $1.5 million to Florida State University after both parties agreed to let Koch representatives screen any new faculty members in the economics department, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Some OSU students are happy with the Koch brothers’ investment in the university.

“We’re happy to see investors putting their money into Ohio State. It’s within each individuals’ right to decide what they do with their money and we’re glad the choice is being made to put it into our education system,” said Levi Cramer, a second-year in political science and a spokesman for the OSU College Republicans.

The Koch brothers are known for backing strong capitalist and libertarian ideas.

The OSU College Democrats did not respond to a request for comment.

The UnKoch My Campus movement’s ultimate goal is transparency between the university and the faculty, staff and students regarding donations from private entities, Jordan said, and the Kochs are the focus of the movement because of how much they have donated.

“The reason we chose to focus on the Kochs is because they’re doing something unlike any other private donor is doing on college campuses as far as … how they’re supporting those universities, which is with particular strings attached to their donations,” Jordan said.


  1. Un-Koch my Campus? Only after you return all the other donations from agenda driven foundations, which would be about half of them.

  2. Does George Soros donate any money to OSU? I’m sure if he does we will not see an article in the lantern questioning this donation or the person behind it.I have read he gives 10 times as much as the Koch brothers to universities but of course he champions liberal causes that your professors in the journalism department love so that is okay. Same liberal lantern as when I went to OSU 20 years ago.

  3. The Koch brothers give great sums of money to large universities and in exchange demand a role in whom the school hires to teach.(http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/billionaires-role-in-hiring-decisions-at-florida-state-university-raises/1168680) Why would they do this? Certainly the fifth graders at FOX would be able to root out the story of boogeyman George Soros if he demanded to oversee employment decisions made at a university in exchange for a large donation. $680 million? That would have been noticed.
    As for the Koch brothers, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the Birch tree ( http://www.jbs.org/fred-koch).
    A look at Nesbit shows he advocates for the privatization of fire stations (what could possibly go wrong?) and believes rural volunteer fire stations are a form of privatization. Sounds pretty socialist to me. He also claims cigarette taxes are the scourge of our day.
    It is nice to see students standing up for themselves against well-heeled, neo-fascists who want only the fewest educated with the lucky ones who do scrape enough together to go to a state school being indoctrinated with right wing gobbledygook.
    Whoever thought the Lantern was all that liberal twenty years ago must have picked one up by mistake while there delivering a pizza. From a graduate 30 years ago.

  4. Un-Koch My Campus? How about Un-Steyer My Campus. Or, as pointed out by Mike5770, Un-Soros My Campus? Don’t forget to Un-Gates My Campus also. I could go on and on, listing liberal donors who are not being targeted. This move against the Koch brothers is nothing more than a feeble attempt by the loony liberal left to unfairly target donors who actually love and try to follow what was set out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  5. It’s upsetting to liberals when people like the Koch brothers promote individual thinking, and economic freedom, two ideas that the liberal left despises. George Soros reportedly gives ten times to universities what the Koch brothers give. Where’s the outcry here? I encourage Ohio State students to think for themselves and reject these radical left organizations like UnKoch. Any group that uses misinformation to promote their views is not to be trusted.

  6. Groups like “UnKoch My Campus” are intolerant and seek to limit academic freedom by dictating standards to others, which they have no business doing. They should just butt out and focus on getting their educations and getting out into the real world and doing something useful. The article describes the donation to Ohio State as funding instruction in “…topics related to economic freedom and competitive markets, such as the history of thought, public finance, industrial organization and micro and macroeconomic principles …”. I see no political agenda in those things. The instructor has control over specific instructional materials. I doubt that the Koch Brothers are writing out the instructor’s lecture notes.

  7. thinkbeforeyouwrite

    Good points by previous responses. I also noticed the times of these responses and that none are by liberals yet. They don’t get up early and are still sleeping until none while the rest of get out and work for a living!

  8. Please, by all means, take all politics out of the classroom. You can start with the 99% of all OSU admins that force liberal views. The type that bring in a guy like Chris Matthew to speak at graduation. What a joke. At a time with Hilllary Clinton takes money as secretary of state from Middle eastern countries, puts it in her foundation and then negotiates with them, do these blind liberals say a word?

  9. The anecdotal and hyperbolic language used against liberals – “loony liberal, sleeping until ‘none’ (<-lol), 99% of all OSU admins that force liberal views, seeking to limit academic freedom, radical" highlight the fundamental problem with politics in this country. How could you ever convince users such as these who have commented on this article of a rational political viewpoint when their confirmation bias is so overwhelmingly ingrained in their heads?

    As for myself, I'd rather no agenda-driven money be in the education world or the political world at all, regardless of if it's George Soros or the Kochs. But to point to this article and just yell angrily at those "loony liberals" in backlash to a legitimate concern and movement is frankly laughable, and well, all too predictable at this sad time in America.

  10. At least the Koch Brothers tell you to whom they donate.

    To the contrary, our ne’er-do-well OSU President Michael V. Drake HIDES all investments in the companies who pull his strings. Steinmetz probably does too, but he hides his investments completely, as does Jeffrey Wadsworth. Taking bets Drake, Steinmetz and Wadsworth are invested in the the Silicon Valley and Wall Street liberal crowd. So much for transparency.

    We already know that OSU trustee Alex R. Fischer and his new wife, Lori Barrera, are invested in this cartel. So, the memo folks is that the liberal cartels are the anointed ones to run our universities, and nobody else. Their Astroturfers are working overtime to plant these kinds of articles to make it sound like to our students that everyone agrees with them. Not.

  11. Rachel, the reason for these reactions are simple. Americans, including an increasing number of young people, have had it with the damaging policies, behaviors and political positions held by liberals. There is a silent majority that is no longer willing to go along with political correctness, insane economic policies, the idea that government will solve our problems when in reality, it creates them, and the restrictions on our fundamental rights whether it be free speech, freedom of religion or the right to bear arms.

  12. How is it that Jeffrey Wadsworth, Joseph Steinmetz, Geoffrey Chatas and Michael Drake can be responsible for spending $$$ BILLIONS of Ohio State dollars annually and we don’t even know whether or not they have personal financial conflicts of interest? Something stinks.

  13. Thanks, Rachel, for pointing those points out. As someone who is politically unaffiliated, I recognize most of these comments coming from a disagreement with something written or said, or even worse, offended by something. Since many probably self-identify as conservatives, they assume what and who they don’t agree with as being the “other” and thus, liberals (as if there are only two choices). They disagree with statements and facts within this article, so therefore The Lantern and journalism department MUST be liberal. I would have liked to see what other organizations have donated and where the money goes, but some of those “suggested” organizations with supposedly “liberal” biases are more moderate and non-political than what the commenters make it seem, due to a disagreement on one or two things.

  14. How can Florida State University take that $1.5 million and allow the Koch brothers to screen faculty members? Were they first romanced by a $500,000 donation like the one OSU is receiving now? Is that the next step for OSU? The Koch brothers will give more money IF OSU will just let them screen faculty? The Koch brothers are not true philanthropists who give for the greater good. Their “donations” are made with the intent to further their old white man reactionary ideals. Thankfully, they’re 74 and 79 years old. Younger generations have been blessed with access to more information than previous ones. As long as they’re aware of who is funding what, they can counteract it. Knowledge truly is power. UnKoch My Campus is being added to my news feed! Thanks Lantern!

  15. As an alumnus, the Koch contributions are very disturbing to me. I will not contribute, repeat will not contribute anything to Ohio State if this continues. I am 100% behind UnKoch My Campus. There is nothing innocent about the Koch brothers intentions or their agenda. If they had their way, everything would be privatized and owned by them. That includes Ohio State’s faculty and the students who are accepted. Their goal is not to educate, let alone compare economic philosopies. It is to control thought and education only to promote their agenda. That’s the difference between the Kochs and other donors.

    The Kochs are the de facto head of the Republican Party. This isn’t the Republican party of your father or grandfather. By the comments on this article, it’s obvious that some are either uniformed or are part of the Koch agenda machine to own America. Everyone needs to Google “koch brothers and rolling stone”. Read the expose Rolling Stone did on the Kochs and the Koch reply, then the Rolling Stone answer to their reply. The latest news on the Kochs can be found at http://bridgeproject.com/

  16. Classic liberal “tolerance.” Losers like the author who are too ignorant to think for themselves only support free speech when they agree with it. What a pathetic joke.

  17. I’m staking claim to a new logical fallacy: Appeal to Koch Brothers. A sub-fallacy of Ad Hominem to be utilized when a person has no real facts or arguments, but the Koch foundation is somehow involved. Just another long line of left hypocrisy: diversity!! except in ideas. Free speech!! Except for people who say things unapproved by Rachel Maddow. I’m sure pouring state/Federal into universities has no effect in universities being cheerleaders for a state solution to all problems.

  18. I agree with Rachel. There’s a consistent, generic (almost scripted) rhetoric used when liberal bashing In these comments.

    I’m against any donations with strings attached whether the donors are the Kochs, G.Soros, or the Gates.

    If there’s nothing suspicious about the contributions the Koch brothers are making (regarding strings attached and pushing their own agenda), then people should not worry about what the Un-Koch my Campus group is doing. It’s that simple.

  19. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_H._Koch
    “Koch is the fourth richest person in America as of 2012,[11] and the wealthiest resident of New York City as of 2013.[12] He is the ninth-wealthiest person in the world, as of 2014.[13]”
    “Net worth US$ 42.2 billion (March 2015)[4]”

    “He is co-owner, chairman of the board, and chief executive officer of Koch Industries, while his brother David H. Koch serves as Executive Vice President. Charles and David each own 42% of the conglomerate.”
    “Koch Industries is the second-largest privately held company by revenue in the United States according to a 2010 Forbes survey[6] In February 2014, Koch was ranked 9th richest person in the world by Hurun Report[7] with an estimated net worth of $36 billion. Previously, in October 2012 he was ranked the 6th richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $34 billion—according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index[8]—and was ranked 18th on Forbes World’s Billionaires list of 2011 (and 4th on the Forbes 400), with an estimated net worth of $25 billion, deriving from his 42% stake in Koch Industries.[1]”
    “Net worth Decrease US$ 42.2 billion (March 2015)[1]”

    “The political activities of the Koch brothers include the financial and political influence of Charles G. and David H. Koch on United States politics. This influence is seen both directly and indirectly via various advocacy and lobbying organizations in which they have an interest.[1][2]”
    “The Koch brothers are the sons of Fred C. Koch, who founded Koch Industries, the second-largest privately held company in the United States, of which they own 84%.[3]”
    “The brothers have heavily contributed to libertarian and conservative think tanks and campaigns. They actively fund and support organizations that contribute significantly to Republican candidates, and that lobby against universal health care and climate change legislation.[4] They have donated more than $100 million to dozens of free-market and advocacy organizations.[4] In 2008, the three main Koch family foundations contributed to 34 political and policy organizations, three of which they founded, and several of which they direct.[4]”
    “A 2013 study by the Center for Responsive Politics said that nonprofit groups backed by a donor network organized by the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch raised more than $400 million in the 2011–2012 election cycle.[39]”
    “AFP is the political arm of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, for which David Koch serves as chairman of the Board of Trustees. … AFP spent $45 million in the 2010 election.”
    “Following the 2011 death of William Niskanen, the chairman of the Cato Institute, Charles and David Koch reportedly made an effort to procure the shares of that institute held by Niskanen’s widow, “arguing that they were not hers to hold”.[44] Their efforts were criticized by some at the institute, including the institute’s president Ed Crane, who in an email to staff stated that the Kochs were “in the process of trying to take over the Cato Institute and, in my opinion, reduce it to a partisan adjunct to Americans for Prosperity, the activist GOP group they control.””
    “An organization with ties to the Koch Brothers,[47] Freedom Partners, gave grants worth a total of $236 million to conservative organizations, including Tea Party groups like the Tea Party Patriots and organizations which opposed The Affordable Care Act prior to the 2012 election. A majority of Freedom Partners board of directors is made up of long-time employees of the Koch brothers,[48][49][50] and has been called “the Koch brothers’ secret bank” for its function as a vehicle to provide large donations to external organizations that advance causes supported by the Kochs.[51]”
    “The Kochs donated more than $17 million between 1997 and 2008 to various groups including the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The group has been accused of opposing unions.[40]”
    “The Charles Koch Foundation … provides grants to nearly 270 U.S. colleges and universities”
    “In 2011, the Charles G. Koch foundation made a grant of $1.5 million to Florida State University (FSU) in exchange for allowing the foundation, via an advisory committee,[58] to approve hiring decisions in the university’s economics department for a program that promotes “political economy and free enterprise”. The foundation also sought to have the university create a class called Market Ethics: The Vices, Virtues, and Values of Capitalism. Required reading for the class would include books by Ayn Rand.[59] The FSU student senate introduced a resolution protesting the Koch’s “undue influence on academics as established by the current agreement between the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation and the FSU Economics department.”[60]”
    “In 2014, the brothers made a $25 million grant to the United Negro College Fund, amid unusual publicity.[61] After the fund’s president also appeared at a summit held by the brothers, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, a major labor union, ended its support for the fund in protest.[62]”
    “As of 2011, Koch Industries’ political action committee has donated more than $2.6 million to candidates.[65]”
    “According to the Center for Responsive Politics, of $274 million in anonymous 2012 contributions, at least $86 million is “attributed to donor groups in the Koch network”.[72][73]”
    “Koch Industries and its subsidiaries spent more than $20 million on lobbying in 2008 and $12.3 million in 2009”
    “The Koch brothers have played an active role in opposing climate change legislation. Climate-change policy directly affects the profitability of Koch Industries. In 2011, the EPA reported that Koch Industries “emitted over twenty-four million tons of carbon dioxide”, as much as is typically emitted by five million cars.[84] A study from the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University reported that “[I]n 2011 and 2012, Koch Industries Public Sector LLC, the lobbying arm of Koch Industries, advocated for the Energy Tax Prevention Act, which would have rolled back the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could regulate greenhouse gases.”[85][86]”
    “Through Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers influenced more than 400 members of Congress to sign a pledge to vote against climate change legislation that does not include equivalent tax cuts.”
    “Koch brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity and Generation Opportunity[104] ran more than $3 million worth of advertisements opposing the Affordable Care Act … The ads are directed at women and young adults, and are designed to “undermine confidence”[105] and to dissuade younger people from enrolling in health care coverage through exchanges which opened October 1, 2013.”
    “comments that Harry Reid made on the floor of the Senate, when he said that the Koch brothers were trying to “buy the country”.[109]”


    “The billionaire brothers bankroll a vast network of organizations that work to undermine the interests of the 99% on issues ranging from Social Security to the environment to civil rights.”


    And you could go on and on with this for hours. The koch brothers are some of the greediest, most evil people on the planet. They buy/play/rig our system, act in noone’s interest but their own, and harm the planet and all of us on it. They’re crony capitalists, and nothing more.

  20. Where's the Liberal Cartel?

    I imagine I’m not the only one excited to hear about this liberal cartel. I’ve been looking around for one for so long! So glad to hear it exists!

    But on a serious note. There’s a big difference between recognizing that some viewpoints are underrepresented in higher education (although I’m not sure conservative economics is one of them) and actively funding faculty to promote your views. Researchers should be free to pursue their ideas and defend them regardless of who is funding them and who likes the results of their research. The Kochs pour an enormous amount of money into higher ed to promote their libertarian ideas. Having faculty that argue for such ideas is perfectly fine, but their chairs shouldn’t come with the condition that they work on or promote certain views.

  21. Rolling Stone… a real leader in reliable mediia. Right…check the University of Virginia rape story for the accuracy and the journalistic responsibility they have. Also, check the founders of the UnKoch group and you will find some interesting political backgrounds.

  22. Four out of the top five political contributors are Democrats. One of the Kochs barely made the top ten. The unKoch group is just another bunch of liberal con men who have to lie to the low information liberals not smart enough, or too lazy to do a little research. Fortunately the conservative students on campus are too smart to fall for this. i hope there are at least a few liberal students that are smart as well.

    Top Individual Contributors: All Federal Contributions

    Here are the individuals who have dipped deepest into their own pockets for campaign contributions to federal candidates, parties, political action committees, 527 organizations, and Carey committees. Only contributions to Democrats and Republicans or liberal and conservative outside groups are included in calculating the percentages the donor has given to either party.
    Toggle type of money

    Rank Name Dem Rep Democrats Republicans
    1 Steyer, Thomas & F. & Kathryn Ann
    Fahr LLC/Tom Steyer
    San Francisco, CA $74,019,834 $74,017,334 $0 100% 0%
    2 Bloomberg, Michael R.
    City of New York, NY
    New York, NY $28,444,392 $10,527,600 $515,200 95% 5%
    3 Singer, Paul
    Elliott Management
    New York, NY $11,195,875 $0 $11,194,375 0% 100%
    4 Mercer, Robert L. & Diana
    Renaissance Technologies
    East Setauket, NY $9,667,133 $0 $9,657,133 0% 100%
    5 Eychaner, Fred
    Newsweb Corp
    Chicago, IL $9,659,000 $9,254,000 $250,000 97% 3%
    6 Ricketts, John J. & Marlene M.
    TD Ameritrade
    Omaha, NE $8,951,721 $0 $8,951,721 0% 100%
    7 Simons, James H. & Marilyn H.
    Renaissance Technologies/Simons Fdtn
    New York, NY $8,257,700 $8,224,700 $7,800 100% 0%
    8 Uihlein, Richard & Elizabeth
    Uline Inc
    Lake Forest, IL $6,071,850 $0 $6,041,350 0% 100%
    9 Adelson, Sheldon G. & Miriam O.
    Las Vegas Sands/Adelson Drug Clinic
    Las Vegas, NV $6,054,036 $0 $6,024,436 0% 100%
    10 Koch, Charles G. & Elizabeth B.
    Koch Industries
    Wichita, KS $5,308,400 $0 $5,288,400 0% 100%
    11 Soros, George
    Soros Fund Management
    New York, NY $3,798,200 $3,758,200 $0 100% 0%
    12 McNair, Robert
    Houston Texans
    HOUSTON, TX $3,791,300 $0 $3,776,300 0% 100%
    13 Griffin, Kenneth C. & Anne D.
    Citadel Invest Group/Aragon Global Mgt
    Chicago, IL $3,615,300 $0 $3,605,300 0% 100%
    14 Klarman, Seth A. & Beth S.
    Baupost Group
    Chestnut Hill, MA $3,272,740 $270,000 $2,997,740 8% 92%
    15 McMahon, Vincent K. & Linda E.
    World Wrestling Entertainment
    Greenwich, CT $3,271,050 $0 $3,254,300 0% 100%
    16 Perenchio, A. Jerrold & Margaret
    Chartwell Partners
    Los Angeles, CA $3,266,400 $0 $3,266,400 0% 100%
    17 Perry, Bob J. & Doylene
    Perry Homes
    Houston, TX $3,130,800 $0 $3,130,800 0% 100%
    18 Marcus, George M. & Judith
    Marcus & Millichap
    Palo Alto, CA $3,100,600 $3,075,400 $5,200 100% 0%
    19 Stephens, Warren
    Stephens Inc
    Little Rock, AR $3,087,500 $0 $3,082,500 0% 100%
    20 Sussman, S. Donald
    Paloma Partners
    Greenwich, CT $3,074,894 $3,074,894 $0 100% 0%
    21 Davis, Kenneth W. Jr.
    Ken Davis Finance
    Fort Worth, TX $2,936,095 $0 $2,928,295 0% 100%
    22 Childs, John W. & Marlene I.
    JW Childs Assoc
    Vero Beach, FL $2,932,743 $0 $2,932,743 0% 100%
    23 Goldman-Fowler, Amy P. & Cary Fowler
    Sol Goldman Investments
    New York, NY $2,896,279 $2,896,759 $0 100% 0%
    24 Koch, David H. & Julia F.
    Koch Industries
    New York, NY $2,515,900 $0 $2,495,900 0% 100%
    25 Hughes, B. Wayne Sr.
    Public Storage Inc
    Lexington, KY $2,510,000 $0 $2,500,000 0% 100%
    26 Jordan, Thomas John
    Jordan Vineyard & Winery
    Healdsburg, CA $2,425,303 $0 $2,425,303 0% 100%
    27 Stryker, Jon
    Arcus Foundation
    New York, NY $2,033,400 $2,023,400 $0 100% 0%
    28 Templeton, John M. & Josephine
    John Templeton Foundation
    Bryn Mawr, PA $1,974,325 $0 $1,971,325 0% 100%
    29 James, Virginia
    Lambertville, NJ $1,870,000 $0 $1,865,000 0% 100%
    30 Egerman, Paul & Joanne H.
    eScription Inc
    Weston, MA $1,828,333 $1,814,733 $0 100% 0%
    31 Daniel & Margaret Loeb
    Third Point LLC
    New York City, NY $1,813,400 $98,900 $1,709,500 6% 95%
    32 Jordan, Wayne D. & DeLaney, M. Quinn
    Jordan Real Estate Invest/Akonadi Fdtn
    Oakland, CA $1,798,860 $1,788,600 $0 100% 0%
    33 Heising, Mark W. & Elizabeth Simons
    Medley Partners
    Atherton, CA $1,788,950 $1,758,300 $5,200 100% 0%
    34 Sandler, Herbert M.
    Herb & Marion Sandler/Sandler Foundation
    San Francisco, CA $1,782,700 $1,782,700 $0 100% 0%
    35 Fieler, Sean
    Equinnox Partners
    Princeton, NJ $1,780,769 $0 $1,775,469 0% 100%
    36 Earhart, Anne G.
    Corona Del Mar, CA $1,779,600 $1,773,600 $0 100% 0%
    37 Soros, Jonathan T. & Jennifer Allan
    Soros Fund Management
    New York, NY $1,735,160 $1,694,400 $0 100% 0%
    38 Beeuwkes, Reinier III & Nancy
    Concord, MA $1,666,400 $1,636,400 $0 100% 0%
    39 Gallogly, Mark T. & Strickler, E.
    Centerbridge Partners
    New York, NY $1,652,900 $1,652,900 $0 100% 0%
    40 Grantham, Robert & Hannelore
    Grantham, Mayo et al
    Boston, MA $1,650,500 $1,650,500 $0 100% 0%
    41 Parker, Sean
    New York, NY $1,629,500 $1,151,900 $462,600 71% 29%
    42 Schwartz, Bernard L. & Irene
    Loral Space & Communications
    New York, NY $1,546,179 $1,546,179 $0 100% 0%
    43 Bekenstein, Joshua & Anita
    Bain Capital
    Wayland, MA $1,481,700 $1,476,500 $0 100% 0%
    44 Firman, Ronald
    Miami, FL $1,480,271 $0 $1,480,271 0% 100%
    45 Hayden, Jerry L. & Marilyn J.
    Barrington, IL $1,468,155 $0 $1,445,555 0% 100%
    46 Tsakopoulos, Angelo A. & Sofia
    Akt Development
    Sacramento, CA $1,430,300 $72,400 $1,357,900 5% 95%
    47 Barbara Lee
    Barbara Lee Family Foundation
    Cambridge, MA $1,382,578 $1,379,078 $0 100% 0%
    48 Shenker, Scott
    International Computer Science Institute
    Berkeley, CA $1,381,800 $1,381,800 $0 100% 0%
    49 Silberstein, Stephen M.
    Belvedere, CA $1,340,435 $1,325,435 $0 100% 0%
    50 Foster, Paul L. & Alejandra De La Vega
    Western Refining
    El Paso, TX

  23. Other than a reply to Rolling Stone on their expose, the Kochs have been silent. Let’s see, it’s been close to 7 months now. The silence is deafening. And damning.

    What? No comment about all the other Google sites?

    LOL You can go back to Fox News and Limbaugh now. LOL

  24. Write an article about the Koch Bros. and watch the conservatards come scurrying out of the woodwork, armed with their Daily Caller thoughts of the day. Someday they might realize that they’re being played by the Billionaires they so strongly defend or not.

  25. I think it’s pretty obvious that some of the pro Koch people in this thread are bots/sockpuppets lol. If you’re really thick like a few above though, the reason we’re talking about the Kochs specifically and not SOROS!!!1 is very clearly spelled out in last paragraph, if youdve bothered to read the article

  26. I can’t really blame the students that write for the lantern. You can imagine what they go through if they dare write a conservative article or simply an article being critical of the liberal agenda. Their lives would be made miserable and they would have trouble passing the class. And just as the liberal responders on this board what they would do instead of having a simple discussion and respect each other’s positions they would have to attack with the usual talking points of FOXNews uneducated neocon etc… Why do liberals always have to personally attack someone who disagrees with their position?

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