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Opinion: Yoga pants are not real pants

I imagine there must have been a day when yoga pants were reserved for yoga.

So many girls on campus wear yoga pants/leggings/capris now that you would think it was some kind of uniform. Aren’t we all about individuality here? Why is everyone dropping their hard-earned dough on Victoria’s Secret or Lululemon leggings so they can look like everyone else?

Beyond that, you have to be concerned about VPL (visible panty line), so people can’t see your underwear, and sheerness of fabric, so people don’t see your actual a–.

Speaking of, a draw to Spandex bottoms is that they supposedly make your backside look good. And the truth is, everyone’s a– would look 10 times better with pockets on it.

One could say, “I’m not concerned how they look but they are so comfyyy.” To that I say, since the invention of the stretch jean, there are pants that are just as comfortable. Think of your ancestors who lived in a time where a jean-Spandex blend didn’t exist!

The problem with all the give that yoga pants provide is that I can eat an obscene amount of food without feeling the pressure of my pants on my stomach, leaving me feeling very regretful about three pieces of pizza later.

Wearing a pajama-like bottom is conducive to sleep. If you’re at all prone to falling asleep in class, yoga pants are downright dangerous.

Another excuse for wearing yoga pants is self-proclaimed laziness. In reality, it takes the same amount of energy to put on jeans and a top and you look infinitely better and you feel better too, because nobody feels pretty in yoga pants. If you look good, then you feel good, and if you feel good, you perform well, and if you perform well, you succeed.

Don’t let yoga pants get in the way of your success.

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  1. Noooooo no no no. A wise person on the internet once told me, “Don’t let anyone tell you that leggings aren’t pants. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.” I look awesome and I feel awesome in leggings, so I will keep wearing them. Sorry. (But actually not sorry at all.)

  2. Looking forward to yoga shorts this summer.

  3. permanently, please

  4. This is so wrong honestly. Yoga pants are comfortable and I absolutely do feel pretty in them! If you don’t like them- don’t wear them. Don’t try to impose your sad judgmental opinion on everyone else because we look amazing!

  5. Will females ever catch a break from people telling them what they should and shouldn’t be wearing? Who are you to tell us that leggings aren’t pants? I’ll wear my leggings as a scarf if I want to

  6. Nope, nope, nope.

    Shout out to all the commenters above me-you guys are the real MVPs. As you for Hannah, please don’t ruin a comfortable clothing option for women by saying it makes us look lazy. Have you seen what the guys on this campus where? They love their basketball shorts and sweat pants and there is nothing wrong with that! Comfortable clothing can still be trendy and make people feel good about themselves. Just because we are women doesn’t mean we aren’t entitled to wearing comfortable clothing. You keep doing you girl but don’t tell other people what they can or can’t where. And as my fellow poster said, sorry not sorry!

  7. I buy leggings not to look like everyone else, but because it is what I want to wear.

    I literally eat at least 3 pieces of pizza every time I order it and I have no regrets. And if I did I wouldn’t blame it on my pants. I don’t rely on the tightness of my belt to know when to stop, because I don’t need to wear one. Because instead of buying 2 pieces of clothing, I only had to buy 1.

    I feel absolutely amazing wearing leggings. I feel awkward in jeans, because they don’t fit my 6′ girl legs correctly. The denim rubs on your skin and can dig into your waist when you sit down, not to mention they dip down in the back and show your butt crack (even if you wear a belt). How many times have you seen a girl in yoga’s with her crack showing? Never? That is correct.

    Lastly, I feel confident and sexy in yoga pants. This drives me to success. I hold on to confidence because I feel great, look great, and PLUS SIDE: I don’t have to change my clothes to adapt to my plans for the night because I’m dressed and ready to kill no matter what I do: whether it be going to the gym or going to the bar.

    Case closed, bye Felicia.

  8. Can we just step back for a moment and be thankful that men wearing skirts has never caught on outside of scotland? Sure, people have opinions about yogo pants, but I think we can all agree on kilts.

  9. you must be fat.

  10. Lol please stop telling girls what to wear. We don’t care.

  11. Can everyone relax? Lol it’s a lantern article and she’s sharing her opinions. You can still wear your yoga pants and she’s not gonna crucify you. It’s an opinion piece…she’s allowed to have an opinion just like you do.

  12. This is a joke, right? Please tell me this is a joke.

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