Credit: Courtesy of Serena Xu

Credit: Courtesy of Serena Xu

Our favorite time of the year is here, Buckeyes: the glamorous season of fall.  The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping to comfortably chilly and it is absolutely gorgeous outside. Fall fashion is the best — so many trends, rich colors and amazing patterns.  It is just so fabulous.  

And I know you all agree with me.

“I like fall because it is the beginning of the holiday season,” said Madison Sweezy, a third-year in communication.

Sweezy told me an awesome story about a fall festival in her hometown and how the whole place smelled like pumpkins.

We definitely talked fashion, too. Sweezy said she thinks fall clothes — such as scarves, boots and jeans — are the most comfortable, noting that her favorite fall outfit is black riding boots, a flannel and leggings.

“I also love the colors of fall, they all associate with comfortableness,” Sweezy said.

Yixin Pang, a fourth-year in marketing, said fall fashion is her favorite because when choosing her outfits, she has the option of either dressing lightly or heavily due to the temperature constantly fluctuating.

Pang said she really likes boots and leather jackets, and she loves fall mainly because she can choose whatever because it will work.

When asked about her favorite outfit, she said it’s a red leather jacket, skinny jeans, black boots and a tote bag. That’s just so glamorous to me. I adore that.

I also spoke to Rachael De Martinez, a fourth-year in geography.

“I like everything about fall. I get to wear layers, and I love fall colors because they are complimentary to my skin,” De Martinez said.

De Martinez definitely looked great in her mustard colored dress, and after seeing her in it, I would also add deep browns and jewel tones such as emerald, sapphire and dark purple to her fall wardrobe.

She also said an advantage of fall fashion is its coziness.

“It is like mom dressing you in a sweater so you could play outside,” De Martinez said. I love that comparison.

De Martinez’s favorite fall outfit is a dress with tights or leggings, plus, of course, a cozy sweater.

“You can accessorize anything with a dress; a dress can be classy, and by adding accessories, you make it trendy. It is a win-win situation,” she said.