The Chop Shop’s signature burger, The Chop Shop Burger. Credit: Courtesy of The Chop Shop

The Chop Shop’s signature burger, The Chop Shop Burger. Credit: Courtesy of The Chop Shop

Buckeyes looking for a good, reasonably priced burger joint close to Ohio State’s campus can breathe easier, as this guide will ease the worries.


The Chop Shop

The first stop is the Chop Shop, a gourmet burger restaurant located at 2159 N. High St. It pretty much makes everything on the menu from scratch and is careful about the food it serves its customers.

“The cows are grass fed, not pumped with hormones or antibiotics,” said Shawn Bannan, the general manager. “We also make a veggie burger from scratch, which is quinoa-based.” He added that the restaurant hand cuts its french fries and hand spins its milkshakes.

The most popular burger is the signature Chop Shop Cheeseburger. It’s a basic beef, lettuce and tomato with the Chop Shop sauce.

The food prices are on the cheaper side, with the most expensive thing on the menu being only $8. The menu also has the Build Your Own Burger option with free toppings.

Although Chop Shop only opened its doors this summer, students have embraced the gourmet burger joint and are the majority of the clients, Bannan said.

The Chop Shop also has free parking at the Little Bar, so students don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot or having to deal with parking meters.


Stack City Burger Bar

Another new restaurant is the Stack City Burger Bar, located at 600 N. High St. It opened its doors on Aug. 8. The establishment has a sports bar atmosphere that makes anyone who goes there feel comfortable.

”It’s kind of like a casual place, very open to any kind of clientele; families, friends and anyone that wants to hang out and have a good time,” said manager Mary Dodson.

The food at Stack City is reasonably priced. The most expensive food on the menu only costs $11. Its most popular burger is the Red, White and Blue burger, which has American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, ketchup and mayo.

There is also the option of making your burger a double and the choice of adding bacon and a fried egg for a dollar extra each. It also serves burgers without the beef patty. One of the choices is the grass-fed lamb burger. Of course, there is always the veggie burger option.


Bareburger’s popular meal, The Supreme. Credit: Courtesy of Bareburger.

Bareburger’s popular meal, The Supreme. Credit: Courtesy of Bareburger.


Probably the most sustainable and exotic place to eat would be Bareburger, located at 463 N. High St. This is the place to go to if students are looking to change up their burger choices.

“We do a lot of grass-fed, certified organic proteins,” said George Mathew, the owner of the restaurant. “We carry beef, bison, elk, wild boar, duck. We also have our traditional turkey and chicken. Everything is all-natural, but organic is definitely what we strive for.”

The two most popular burgers on the menu are The Supreme and El Matador. El Matador has bison meat while The Supreme sticks to traditional beef with onion rings inside and on top of the burger under the bun.

The menu prices are the most expensive on this list. The most pricey item is around $14, which can be expected with the exotic meat choices that the establishment has.

Bareburger has started delivery to the OSU campus through its website.