Chicken wings with Crusin Altitude sauce from Wings Over Columbus. Credit: Yue Wu / Lantern Reporter

Chicken wings with Crusin Altitude sauce from Wings Over Columbus. Credit: Yue Wu / Lantern Reporter

Chicken wings can be your late-night guilty pleasure and can heal your stomach and soul. Everyone loves chicken wings. As a chicken wings addict, my diverse experience inspires me to share my favorite places to have the best bird the city has to offer.


Wings Over Columbus

Wings Over Columbus is my favorite place to have chicken wings. It’s open past midnight, and its delivery service adds a little spice to those sleepless nights during midterm and final weeks.

Patrick Daly, CEO of Wings Over, said that the restaurant’s boneless wings and chicken tenders are hand-breaded in its exclusive recipe breading and its traditional wings are steamed and rapidly cooled before being fried in order to give wings the crispiest skin the customer can possibly imagine.

Daly also recommended ordering dry rub sauces or getting the sauce on the side if customers want their wings to stay extra crispy even longer.

Customers can order up to 120 pieces of wings in one single order with their choices of sauces, including 18 flavors and five different buffalo-style sauces.

Only a couple of seats are available in the store, but the delivery service makes up for the tiny sitting area. After all, nowhere can be more comfortable to eat wings than your own couch.  

Wings Over is located at 1315 W. Lane Ave.


Buffalo Wild Wings

The two-floor Buffalo Wild Wings building is, as its name indicates, the authentic place to release your mania of chicken wings. The three most popular sauces at Buffalo Wild Wings, according to manager Patrick West, are honey BBQ, medium and parmesan garlic.

Buffalo Wild Wings provides 17 wet sauces and five dry sauces. Customers can pick up to four sauces in one single large order that contains 20 pieces. The wide range of sauces covers most flavor preferences of students.

The environment of Buffalo Wild Wings is very sporty. Mounted TV screens allow customers to have a good time enjoying their food, friends and their favorite teams.

Buffalo Wild Wings is located at 2151 N. High St.


Chicken wings with Gang Pang sauce at Mark Pi's. Credit: Yue Wu / Lantern Reporter

Chicken wings with Gang Pang sauce at Mark Pi’s. Credit: Yue Wu / Lantern Reporter

Mark Pi’s Asian Diner

The culture of chicken wings is international and is part of Chinese food as well. At Mark Pi’s Asian Diner, customers have the chance to taste wings cooked with Mark Pi’s six exclusive Chinese-style sauces.

Owner Tommy Ye said all chicken wings are salted before being frozen and fried so the inside of the wings is also flavored.

The signature sauce, as well as my favorite flavor, is salt and pepper. The salt and pepper slightly adds flavor to the wings without blocking their own fresh taste.

Ye also recommended the Mark Pi sauce, which has a citrus flavor, for people who do not have much experience with Chinese food.

Customers also can request that orders include chicken flats or drums exclusively

The environment is clean and quiet. Order a small dish of chicken wings with your Chinese entree next time, and you won’t regret it.

Mark Pi’s is located at 1610 N. High St.