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Letter from the Editor: Digging into Buckeye Bites

My infatuation with food has become an ongoing joke in the newsroom. I am first in line for free donuts and consider any news regarding new restaurants on campus as breaking. I frequently recount stories from my time working as a North Market employee (they have really great donuts there, by the way). Whenever anyone brings up Chipotle, I pull a Kanye West and let them finish once I’m done saying Los Guachos has the best tacos al pastor of all time. Asking if anyone wants to get in on my Grub Hub order has become a catchphrase of sorts. Last semester, I wrote a piece evaluating the three big names in food delivery service on campus. Months of research, analysis of delivery times and a few too many beef lo meins went into that piece.

With this special edition of The Lantern, I let our reporters do most of the dishing. They profile Columbus landmarks and hidden gems. They let you know what they consider the best places in town to get certain cuisines. Staff members join them in sharing snippets of their favorite spots to go for sloppy late night food, the nicest places to take bae on a date and everything in between.

Food is something meant to be shared with those you love, so it is with great pleasure that I share this special edition with you. I hope it satisfies your craving, but if there’s any Columbus food coverage you think we missed, please let me know. We are always hungry for more.   

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