Long gone are the days when Disney star Miley Cyrus portrayed her split-personality TV character on the hit show “Hannah Montana” — or so we thought.

While she no longer transforms into Hannah Montana, the performer does seem to be showcasing a crazier alter ego than fans from her early days are used to seeing. Over the last two years, it seems Miley has gone from crazy to crazier to just downright “dear God what is happening?”

Miley Cyrus attends The Metropolitan Museum of Art Met Gala, in New York City May 4. Credit: Courtesy of TNS

Miley Cyrus attends The Metropolitan Museum of Art Met Gala, in New York City May 4. Credit: Courtesy of TNS

Miley was recently seen at James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah — a party put on by his best buddy Seth Rogen and his charity, Hilarity for Charity, benefitting the Alzheimer’s Association — this week wearing a shiny blue thong leotard, Star of David wrist cuffs and a rainbow-colored hair piece.

It seems that the star is channeling her inner Lady Gaga and trying for the wow factor, and not the good kind. Although who would have known we as Americans would see the day where Lady Gaga would take off the meat suit to put on a classic gown and Miley would take down the pigtails to put on faux dreadlocks and a jewish-themed thong suit.

But hey, Miley? While that might have worked for Gaga, crazy doesn’t look good on everyone. Take Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes for instance. Nobody wants to reschedule a concert because of a meeting with your probation officer or the judge.

What happened to the Disney Miley? The one who sat in an interview and swore she would never do drugs or become like one of those “other girls.” While yes, we all say stupid things when we’re teenagers, it seems Miley isn’t holding true to her word at all.

The star has been recorded numerous times smoking weed, cursing and participating in lewd behavior — including in her new music video “Dooo It,” which, after viewing, I felt like I needed a sanitizer bath.

Miley is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live this week, which is sure to poke fun at its host at some point in the show. Can she hold up to Tracy Morgan’s successful performance last week, or will she be a bust, like every outfit she’s worn in the last year?

The singer is also rumored to be working on a naked concert with the Flaming Lips where not only will she be on stage naked, but as will the audience in the crowd. It seems condom sales might out-gross ticket sales on this one.

Miley seems to be like the rebel child, acting out in a phase in her life — a phase that, like most, is sure to end hopefully soon.
So Miley, put the tongue back in your mouth, put on some actual clothes and start making some real music again, because your music isn’t that bad. “We Can’t Stop,” “Party in the U.S.A.” and “Wrecking Ball” actually were crowd pleasers. And you could be one again, too.