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Weigel Hall gets spooky with Halloween concert

Performers during HalleBOOia 2014 concert at Weigel Auditorium. Credit: Courtesy of Jayne Allison

Performers during HalleBOOia! 2014 concert at Weigel Auditorium. Credit: Courtesy of Jayne Allison

With the holiday weekend rapidly approaching, students are preparing their costumes and planning their festivities across the entire campus area. No Halloween celebration is complete, however, without some creepy tunes and scary songs. And Weigel Hall is happy to oblige.

Celebrating its 22nd year, the School of Music’s HalleBOOia! concert is a mash-up of several musical groups and styles, coming together to sing and play mischievous music for all in attendance.

Popular Halloween tunes and comedic skits will be performed by The Statesmen, Flute Troupe, the Women’s Glee Club and other campus organizations.

There will be solo and ensemble performances on bassoon, cello, horn, saxophone, percussion and other instruments as well. All of the performers — students and faculty directors in the School of Music — will be in costume for the show, and audience members are encouraged to dress up as well.

Jayne Allison, web design editor and publicity assistant for the School of Music, is excited to see the new performances.

“It’s a fun show where the student ensembles play and sing classical pieces or humorous adaptations of current songs,” Allison said. “Students, with their faculty directors, will all dress up in costume and can be every bit of silly as they please. They play and sing pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz and TV and movie themes too, along with the classics. They try to cover as many genres from across the spectrum as they can.”

Aside from the classics, there will be new and alternative songs as well, written by the students and faculty who will be performing them for the first time.

“They take the classic songs, adapt and rewrite them for their particular instrument or ensemble,” Allison said. “At least 10 student arrangers will be performing, as well as some faculty arrangers. It’s really cool to see their work come to life on stage.”

Those who have attended in the past can expect some new surprises. Unable to comment on the specifics, Allison promises they are surprises that the audience won’t want to miss.

“It could be some craziness and silly acts on stage, special songs, well-known performers, among other things. You’ll have to attend to find out what, exactly,” she said. “Even I don’t know everything they plan to do.”

The HalleBOOia! concert will be held in the Weigel Hall Auditorium at 8 p.m. this Friday.

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