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Public safety notice issued after report of campus-area sexual assault

An alleged sexual assault that occurred in the campus area early Sunday morning has prompted University Police to issue a public safety notice for members of the Ohio State community.

According to the safety notice, a female student was pulled into a “dark area” outside, near the North Campus Residential District and constriction site by Lane Ave. She was sexually assaulted by an unknown male suspect between 12:30 and 1:30 a.m. Sunday, the notice stated.

The suspect, who is described in the notice as a college-aged white male with blond hair, reportedly left the area in an “unknown direction of travel.”

Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to contact University Police at  292-2121 or Columbus Police at 645-4545. Information can also be reported anonymously to the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 461-TIPS or the University Crime Stoppers Tips line at 247-TIPS.


  1. Can someone in the OSU police or administration please explain to me why this is not active patrolling (or even safety cameras) in the North Campus Residential area at the time of this attack on a Saturday night? This is outrageous and unacceptable. Safety has fallen to Student Life leaflets. Can anyone feel safe at OSU?

  2. Can so.eone please explain to me what happened? What exactly does Sexual assault mean. It seems as if there are tons of possibilities. We he aggressive? How did she get away? There are a lot of holes in the story that would be helpful for us to know, especially female students.

    • Sexual assault is forced sexual contact – from touching to intercourse. The OSU PD’s daily log listed the report as rape. The vast majority of rapists let their victims go afterward. Stranger rapists typically use force, whereas acquaintance rapists typically use alcohol/drugs and/or psychological tactics.

      Just because every single detail of what may be the worst night of the survivor’s life isn’t described does not mean that there are holes.

  3. What about the women whose drinks were spiked with roofies and ketemine at tailgates on lane avenue on Sat? My daughter was the 3rd according to the sexual abuse squad that was reported. She was with my husband walking to the game and he turned around and she was gone. We along with the police are starting to put pieces together and we believe somehow she ended up in Upper Arlington.

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