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Sex Talk: Reflections on inclusive sex education

Hello, readers. This is a little bittersweet, but this will be my last installment of Sex Talk.

Personally, I feel like I have accomplished a lot for myself in my experience with writing this column. I’ve learned a few new things myself while doing research, which has been fun!

This being my first time writing a column, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I would be up for it. Even though I could only write this column for a semester, I’m glad I took this opportunity.

For so long I have been frustrated with the lack of representation or inclusion of LGBT groups in sexual education, while straight people get entire magazines dedicated to heterosexual bedroom activities.

Although more inclusive resources do exist, my goal has been to be inclusive of all genders and sexualities not because this is an LGBT sex column, but because it’s 2015. To be frank, it should not just be LGBT publications that are inclusive to this community. By now, as a nation and as adults, we should be able to recognize and appreciate people who have experiences outside of the heterosexual narrative.

I’m so grateful that I could use this platform to bring attention to safe sex, the importance of consent and LGBT issues. But now it is time to pass on the torch.

I have enjoyed being a sex columnist for the past few months, and I will miss being able to tell people that I am a sex columnist.

I hope that during my time writing Sex Talk, I have helped someone learn something new or open their mind to different points of view.

So remember – be safe, respect other people and have fun.

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