Viewer discretion is advised, as no topic is too controversial for Steven Reinke to cover in his film, “Rib Gets in the Way.”

Whether it’s pornographic images or conversations debating the meaning of life, Reinke isn’t afraid to explore a wide range of topics. The Wexner Center for the Arts will show the 52-minute film, “Rib Gets in the Way,” a compilation of short films, skits and animated illustration with voice-overs from Reinke, on Tuesday at 7 p.m. The filmmaker himself will be present for the screening.

Reinke, a Canadian native who lives in Chicago, is known for his nonlinear style of filming and his use of voice-overs. Both Dani Leventhal, assistant professor in the Department of Art, and Chris Stults, associate curator of film and video for the Wexner Center, said they believe Reinke began gaining more attention after his project “The Hundred Videos,” which consisted of 100 short videos compiled into one film.

Leventhal, a former student of Reinke who considered him a mentor, described his method of filming as a collage of film and video. She applauds the artistic freedoms he has as a filmmaker.

“The way he thinks and does things is so fresh,” Leventhal said. “He doesn’t seem restricted by fear.”

Stults said he thinks the way Reinke gets viewers to confront sensitive topics is one of his signature marks.

“It’s almost like he’s intentionally rebelling,” Stults said. “He’s working against the expected societal norms in order to create a different form of thinking or living.”

Leventhal and Stults said they also agreed Reinke’s use of mature content, such as pornographic images, is a part of his creative process.

“It’s a part of his palate; he works with imagery of gay men and sex as a part of his power,” Leventhal said.

Reinke’s work has been screened accross the country, including the high-profile Sundance Film Festival, but this is Reinke’s first visit to the Wexner Center. Stults said Reinke will continue to work on his newest project, “Final Thoughts,” after he returns to Chicago.

Following the showing of “Rib Gets in the Way,” there will be a discussion where viewers will have the chance to ask Reinke questions in person. In addition to the question and answer session, Reinke will be holding a lecture at Hagerty Hall on Wednesday at 4:45 p.m where he will display more of his work and critique graduate student artwork.

The showing begins at 7 p.m. and is a continuation of the Wexner Center’s “Visiting Filmmakers” program. Tickets are $6 for students, members and seniors and $8 for the general public.