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Ellie Kemper brought ‘unbreakable’ persona to Ohio State

Ice cream, overcoming rejection and a duet with an audience member are just a few of the conversations had at OUABe Unbreakable with Ellie Kemper.

From the receptionist desk at Dunder Mifflin to an apocalyptic underground bunker, Ellie Kemper came to Columbus with comically quirky stories to tell.

Kemper, who starred as Erin in NBC’s hit show “The Office”, told stories about working with the big names in Hollywood and even some embarrassing moments while filming.

As Kemper took the stage with a moderator, she wasted no time gaining the audience’s affection when she said, “I went to high school with Ezekiel Elliott.”

Immediately the crowd laughed and applauded Kemper and the show was underway.

The moderator-led question and answer revealed the more human side of Kemper deeper than her acting persona. When asked who her role model was, Kemper simply responded “My husband.” She went on to explain that in the future she has plans to start building a family.

Kemper also showed the audience her ability to improvise with even the most difficult questions. When the mediator asked Kemper what kitchen utensil she would be and why, Kemper paused for a moment and said, “A spatula because I get the job done.”

Following the question and answer session with the moderator, the event opened for students to come to the front of the stage for questions as well. Things got interesting when a student came to the front and asked Kemper if she would be willing to sing a verse from a song in “Unbreakable”. Moments later, Kemper and the student were singing about “Peeno Noir” and the auditorium erupted in laughter.

As the event finished, The Lantern sat down with Kemper and discussed topics about her acting life and personal life.

Kemper has played mostly happy and upbeat roles when she acts, but before she began acting she played field hockey at Princeton University. After being the self-proclaimed ‘worst player on the team,’ Kemper decided to look into other options and that’s when she found acting.

Kemper discussed some of the experiences she has gone through in acting. She spent four seasons on “The Office” and spoke a little about Steve Carell—who plays Michael Scott on the hit show— and his last day on set.

“I was new to the show, I wasn’t there for the first five years of the show and I was the saddest of all,” Kemper said. “I think it was like he was a fatherly figure in the show and in real life. He was just leaving the show, it wasn’t like he was dying, but it was like the death of a story.”

Along with acting, Kemper also wrote headlines for the satire newspaper “The Onion.” Although continuing her journalistic career might be an option, Kemper wants to venture into new forms of writing.

“I don’t have any yearnings at this moment to direct,” Kemper said. “I’d love to work on writing a book like short stories or humorous essays.”

Whatever the next chapter of her life holds, Kemper is sure to tackle it with “unbreakable” enthusiasm, as she has everything else.

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