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Bernie Sanders confirmed for Ohio State town hall event

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Rodham Clinton, on stage at the CNN moderated Democratic Presidential Debate in Las Vegas, Nevada on Oct. 13. Credit: Courtesy of TNS

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Rodham Clinton, on stage at the CNN moderated Democratic Presidential Debate in Las Vegas, Nevada on Oct. 13. Credit: Courtesy of TNS

An appearance by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at a Democratic town hall forum at Ohio State has been confirmed by the Office of Rep. Joyce Beatty.

Sanders’ participation in the forum, which will be hosted by CNN and TV One, was confirmed to The Lantern one day after confirmation that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be in attendance.

The congresswoman’s office told The Lantern on Tuesday that Beatty helped facilitate the forum and coordinated with OSU.

The Vermont senator will join Clinton at the Mershon Auditorium on Sunday. The event is scheduled to take place from 8 to 10 p.m.

The forum at OSU will take place two days before five states, including Ohio, cast primary ballots on Tuesday.

As history has shown, Ohioans hold a special place in our nation’s election process,” said Beatty in an email sent by her office. “I am happy CNN will host Sunday’s town hall at The Ohio State University and provide an up-close engagement opportunity for students and the community to discuss the pressing issues of today.”

Forum questions will come from the two moderators, CNN’s Jake Tapper and TV One’s Roland Martin, as well as students and other audience members.

Details regarding where or how to obtain tickets to the forum have not been released at this time, but a university spokesman said more details regarding tickets will be released in coming days.

Clinton and Sanders are both expected in the capital city earlier that evening to speak at the Ohio Democratic Party Legacy Dinner at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, according to the Ohio Democrats’ website.


  1. . Maybe this time Hillary will Quit interrupting People. And try not to take up all the damn time.

  2. I’m a local photographer in school here in Columbus Ohio I was wondering if you had any information how I could attend and photograph the event. Any information would help thank you for your time

  3. It’s time for Hillary to go first. She has had the pleasure of going last in ALL of the previous Town Halls. It’s time to play fair.
    Bernie should have the chance to be the last voice the voters hear.

  4. Yeah! Feel the Been. A Future to Believe in. Repeat what Michigan did. Make it a major, major upset. You can do it people. Canvas, phone bank Bernie Sanders 2016! Yeah!

  5. I’m not feeling the “bern”, That’s gross, you perverts.

  6. I’m not feeling the Bern. Its a pipe dream, goals not based on reality. I have $60,000 in student loan debt. Its mine, I will pay for it. I don’t need someone else paying my bills. More affordable tuition and lower interest rates is a common sense plan.


    • Mateo;

      Congratulations for being a RESPONSIBLE student! You racked up your debt, you admit it, and you are willing to pay it off! We need a whole lot more students, and non-students, like you.

      I have been retired for 4 years from OSU, but during my time there, I interacted with many students, many of whom also had student debts. What I noticed was that almost all had the latest iPhone, etc, the nicest clothes, and during private discussions, either lived in a nice apartment and/or drove a nice car. NONE of these things were essential to being a student. All of these were personal choices which greatly increased their debt load.

      Yeah, I know. “Way back when I was a student…”, I also took on student loan debt to get through both undergrad at OSU and graduate school at another Big 10 university (not THAT school up north). I lived frugally, ate cheap, drove a decades old car, worked at one or two part time jobs during the school year, agonized over whether to buy a pair or two of socks, etc.

      Personally, I do not feel any sympathy for any of today’s students who are saddled with large student loans. This is by and large a self-imposed burden. Start acting like an adult and emulate Mateo and his attitude.

      Finally, and not surprisingly, Cruz in 2016. Hillary is a liar and a threat to our national security. Bernie is living in a la-la land of unicorns and fairy dust.

      • @BobR

        Back in the mid 80s you could go to school full time and pay for it out of pocket with a part time job, that today is a pipe dream.

        So while I agree one needs to take responsibility for racking up debt in student loans, it needs to be acknowledged that the price of college in of itself needs to be reassessed and the question asked, why has it gone up so much?

        That can either be accomplished one of two ways: cut all loan availability so the market has to compete for the students business (Cruz) or make it free through taxing the 1% (Sanders). Hillary isn’t going to do anything to fix the root of the issue.

        • Mick;

          Nice response. Just one problem. There is no such thing as “free”. Anything you get without paying for, someone else has to pay it. Why should I be expected to pay for your college education? As a former professor, I often maintained that no one HAS to go to college. We need tradesmen (gender neutral), service personnel, etc. A college education has taken on way more than it should in recent years. Now, many jobs require a college education even though that education is totally irrelevant to the job requirements and tasks. It has become more of a right of passage.

          If you (generic) want a college education, then go for it. Just don’t expect me to pay for it. You are the one who will benefit (perhaps). And if you want that college education, then shop around. There just is no justification for the astronomical tuition, etc, rates that some universities charge. Go to THE Ohio State. Pay less. Get a great education. Save a ton of money.

          • No Offense or anything, but you sound very selfish Bob. I personally make a lot of money in my career field and I am happy to help my fellow humans. We need a society that cares more about humanity than profits and greed. I am where I am today because of the contributions of others, including the government programs that allowed me to go to school, to have food when the company I worked for went out of business in the great recession, and because of a government volunteer program that payed me a stipend to volunteer (which helped me get back into the workforce).
            Bernie Sanders is the most honest and realistic candidate. His plans would actually help everyone because they will help the economy, help desperate people have opportunity instead of crime, allow the possibility of being educated instead of ignorant.
            When the consumers do well, the rich benefit too. Have you forgotten that we are a consumer economy? Economics dictate that when the masses have more money to spend, the entire economy improves. Entrepreneurs can start businesses and sell their goods and services. We thrive together, or we fall together. Don’t think for a minute that your money will protect you when the uneducated poor do what they have to in order to survive. We should create opportunity for them instead.
            You are right that nothing is free and we pay for our choices one way or another. Greed is profitable in the short term but you pay more for it later. When we come together and care for each other we will all prosper together.

      • Something tells me “I” “me” and “mine” are frequently in your vocabulary. No one needs your sympathy, you’re antiquated point of view will be extinct soon enough, along with the generation who espoused such beliefs.

      • Aww, sorry to say but you are worse than Hillary 🙁 “No we can’t!” and proud of it. Disappointing..

    • “Its a pipe dream, goals not based on reality”

      The thing about reality is, you can fight to change it.

      Lots of other countries provide free college tuition. Why should the United States be unique in saddling people with huge debts to get an education?

    • People who have to use all caps to make a point get ignored.

    • If you think Hillary will do anything to reduce the cost of college, I have land in south Florida I’d like to sell you.

  7. How do we sign up to attend

  8. Ratings from the 113th Congress Humane Society scorecard show the following scores: Rubio — 12
    Cruz — 12
    Sanders — 100

  9. Senator Sanders is the only honest canidate running.

  10. Professors posting here, be more insightful. Ours is the only major country to not have a National Health Plan. Medicare For All has a known track record based on experience here and abroad, is comprehensive, has cost controls, covers everyone, etc. ACA spending increases at 5.6%, that’s $46 trillion in 10 years (versus $14 trillion for MedicareForAll over 10 years) – obstructionism will not allow even incremental change of any substance. We’ll be stuck with the same foundation of (high) premiums, (high) deductibles, co insurances, narrow provider networks, non comprehensive plans, tens of millions not insured, insurance tied to employment, basically in tyranny of the private insurance industry and their cronies in congress – spiraling to failure.

  11. How can I get tickets?

  12. Go Bernie!

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