Samantha Hollingshead | Photo Editor

Best Student Organization – Student Alumni Council

Runner-up: CHAARG

Best General Education Course – History of Rock ‘N’ Roll

Runner-up: Wine and Beer in Western Culture

Best Campus Character – Bagpipe Guy

Runner-up: Brutus Buckeye

Best Recreation Center – RPAC

Runner-up: ARC

Best Campus Animal – Afroduck

Runner-up: Finals puppies



Samantha Hollingshead | Photo Editor

Samantha Hollingshead | Photo Editor

Best Area to Live on Campus – South

Runner-up: North

Best Street for Off-campus Living – East Chittenden Avenue

Runner-up: Neil Avenue

Best Way to Get Around – Walking

Runner-up: CABS

Best South Campus Residence Hall – Smith-Steeb Hall

Runner-up: Residence on Tenth

Best North Campus Residence Hall – Scott House

Runner-up: Taylor Tower

Best West Campus Residence Hall – Morrill Tower

Runner-up: Lincoln Tower

Best On-campus Bathroom – Third Floor of the Ohio Union

Runner-up:  Schoenbaum Hall

Best Indoor Study Spot – Grand Reading Room of Thompson Library

Runner-up: 11th Floor Thompson

Best Outdoor Study Spot – The Oval

Runner-up: Mirror Lake