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Best Student Organization: Student-Alumni Council

Credit: Courtesy of Muyao Shen

Members of the Student Alumni Council form a Block O inside the Longaberger Alumni House. Credit: Courtesy of Student-Alumni Council

Whether students are looking to get more involved in university events, student outreach or alumni outreach, the Student-Alumni Council is an organization that works with Ohio State’s Alumni Association and is dedicated to creating strong relationships among students and alumni through a myriad of opportunities.

Sachin Hejeebu, a first-year in international relations and diplomacy and an SAC member, said he was immensely inspired by the group’s mission and ethics.

“We plan programs that bring students and alumni together. We work to enrich the student experience and the entire university community by helping all Ohio State students be Buckeyes for their entire lives,” he said. “As a first-year, I was amazed that so many great people could be passionate about Ohio State and the Buckeye spirit and was excited to join them.”

Students and alumni participate in various events, such as a new Buck-I-Run 5K. The event is a glow run in which both students and alumni can participate. Although only a freshman, Hejeebu said he believes the run is SAC’s best accomplishment.

“(The 5K) truly brings together students past, present and future to celebrate the one thing we all have in common: the Buckeye spirit,” he said.

Ashley Greivenkamp, program coordinator for SAC scholarships and a third-year in psychology, said she also believes the Buck-I-Run is the group’s biggest achievement.

“I personally think this large-scale event could turn into a signature campus event, attracting students and alumni alike to come together to run a 5K,” she said.

Greivenkamp said she was influenced to join the SAC by members of the organization.

“I was inspired to join after hearing about the organization from some SAC members … their excitement for SAC and its mission, vision and values was purely infectious. I knew I had to apply,” she said.

Some other upcoming events SAC is hosting include the 2016 Homecoming Prep Rally, Dinner for 12 Buckeyes and Beat-Tees for home football games, Greivenkamp said.

Both Greivenkamp and Hejeebu said they are extremely proud of the group and encourage others to consider applying for SAC this upcoming school year.

“I think the greatest thing about SAC is the massive family that I was welcomed into,” said Hejeebu. “SAC is a bunch of diverse people who are all passionate about similar and different things but grow closer than ever to each other.”

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