Campus_shoeAlthough Ohio State has plans to renovate its landmark stadium, Mother Nature decided to make some preliminary changes of her own.

The Block “O” logo above the south-side student section in Ohio Stadium facing the Lincoln Tower Park is in need of repair because of damage from Saturday’s high winds.

“While the light box and structure of the sign were not impacted, the translucent plastic cover was cracked in several places,” Ohio State spokesman Justin Moss said in an email.

Construction workers from Columbus Sign Company began taking the existing face off the sign on Tuesday to start the process of fixing the OSU logo.

Jared Adkins, a Columbus Sign Company worker at the stadium, said that the damage done to the sign was only cosmetic.

“It’s going to be all aluminum now instead of plastic,” Adkins said.

The upgrade to the sign at the stadium comes on the heels of OSU announcing a renovation of the ’Shoe starting in 2017.

Moss said that an engineer will have to determine if there was any additional damage done to the opposite side of the sign, which faces the football field.

There is no timetable on how long the repairs will take, as an engineer has yet to assess the damage, Moss said. There is also no word on how much the repair will cost.

Moss said that there was no one injured in relation to the damaged sign, but there was more damage done around campus due to the wind.

“On Saturday evening, pieces of scaffolding planks and plywood fell and damaged a vehicle outside of Morrill Tower,” Moss said. No one was injured by the falling scaffolding.