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Lantern TV Extended Interview: President Michael Drake


  1. Drake’s legacy of abuse continues with the Jon Waters announcement. Shame.

    The continuing abuse of Jon Waters is PATHETIC. More proof OSU and America are now Banana Republics. Jon Waters doesn’t even get his day in court in front of a jury? Outrageous! Instead, his case is smothered with crooked lawyers and judges (and OSU trustee presidents named Wadsworth and his suck up president Michael Drake). God help our fading Republic.

    I hope Jon appeals and keeps this case going until Donald Trump is elected. At least then maybe he’ll have a fighting chance. It’s lights out if Corrupt Hillary assumes the presidency. Isn’t it curious that John Kasich did not lift a finger in this abuse of a fine and talented American and Buckeye? What am I thinking? Kasich now takes his orders from George Soros and Mark Kvamme.

  2. Michael Drake is unable to fashion even a single argument to rehabilitate his abuse of Jon Waters and our great Marching Band. I am counting the days until he is gone from Ohio State. It cannot happen soon enough for this alum. He is a disgrace to our beloved University. (Wadsworth needs to pack his bags as well.)

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