Elevated levels of lead have been detected in some Buckeye Village apartments, according to an email sent to residents on Tuesday.

The email, sent by Ohio State’s University Housing Department in the Office of Student Life, said that test results from OSU’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety found five of the 19 units tested contained elevated lead levels. The testing was conducted via a random sample, according to the email.

In the Tuesday email, residents were advised not to drink the water. Bottled water was made available by the university, with priority being given to young children and pregnant women, according to the email.

On Wednesday, EHS started testing all Buckeye Village apartments, though the email said that the lead contamination was not believed to be a widespread problem. Preliminary testing “(indicated) the issue is not caused by the water provided by the public water system.”

Dan Hedman, spokesman for OSU’s Office of Administration and Planning, said in an email that two tests were issued in the 19 random samples. Elevated levels of lead appeared in tests where faucets had not been used for 6 hours. The second test, where the water had been running for one-to-two minutes, “came back normal.”

Hedman also emphasized that the childcare facility at Buckeye Village is not affected, and that more information would be shared as it became available.

Those with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact Ross McClain at EHS at mcclain.31@osu.edu.