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Arouse Student Radio moves forward with new developments

Kelsey Yappel and Bob Craig work in the studio. Credit: Courtesy of Yar Lisheba

Kelsey Yappel and Bob Craig work in the studio. Credit: Courtesy of Yar Lisheba

This semester, Arouse OSU Radio moved from one unusual location to another — a hair salon to the basement of Buckeye Donuts.

In addition, the student amateur radio group has overhauled its website and introduced a new schedule.

The group began in 2010 and allows members to design their own radio show, broadcasting the program online.

Arouse began officially broadcasting over the the new website on Sept. 19.

The group used to broadcast from Rendezvous, a hair salon on North High Street, but relocated after the salon was struck by lightning over the summer.

The new location is an exciting change for Arouse DJs Caitlyn Horn and Julia Andreason, who said they consider the Buckeye Donuts location more convenient for everyone, as it is closer to campus than Rendezvous was.

The new website was designed by Ben McConnell, a fifth-year in business and the group’s former president and current webmaster.

“We’re changing from a continuously updating model to more of a magazine style,” McConnell said .

Andreason said the goal was for the website to be more interactive, offering information about the songs playing and DJs hosting. Arouse members will also contribute to a blog that lives on the site.

Horn, a third-year in computer science, noted the constant change the group has encountered.

“Since the club has started, since we got involved, it really has been recreating itself over and over,” Horn said. “It just keeps getting better every time.”

Andreason and Horn have hosted the show “Alt Exposed with Ruth and Rose” together for two years. The show, which takes its title from their middle names, plays alternative rock music, though the two said they often go on tangents about what they are feeling.

The two said, despite the adjustments, the goal is to continue to provide good music to listeners.

“We’re hoping to maintain the type of show that we have, which is what we like to do and how were are,” said Andreason, a third-year in atmospheric science. “But also expand it in terms of who is listening and what we’re able to bring to the table.”

The new developments also are exciting to Dave Defer, the group’s treasurer.

“I think it’s a new chapter for us,” said Defer, a fourth-year in environment, economy, development and sustainability. “It’s like we’re in our Renaissance.”

Defer has hosted “Fireside Chats” with his friend Alex Mizarek, a fourth-year in English, for two years. He said he enjoys the freedom and expression Arouse provides its DJs.

“It’s a very creative outlet,” Defer said. “There are no barriers on what you play on internet radio, no restrictions, whatever you want.”

Defer said this semester brought one of the biggest turnouts at 40 to 50 new members, and the fullest schedule the group has ever had.

“It’s a very open club, very inviting. Anyone is welcome to come and get a show,” he said. “It’s very diverse, there’s shows from all sorts of backgrounds. You can play whatever is on your mind, whatever your heart desires. If there’s any time to be in Arouse, it’s right now.”

To listen to or contact Arouse OSU Radio, visit its new website at arouseosu.com.

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