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May Session rate, reduction for summer tuition approved

For those wishing to attend Ohio State in the summer, prices are both rising and falling..

On Thursday, the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees approved a proposal to reduce Summer Semester tuition, not including fees, by 25 percent for the six-week and 12-week sessions.

The summer reduction will only apply for undergraduate students.

Full-time undergraduate tuition, not including housing or fees, is currently $4,770 per semester for the 2016-17 school year. For the Summer Semester it will cost $3,576; per credit hour, Summer Semester tuition will drop from $398 to $298.50.

OSU CFO Geoff Chatas said the plan is to keep the discounted rate going forward.

“I’d say it would keep going, our proposal is to have that in the future,” Chatas said during the meeting.

Also approved in the proposal is a rate for the four-week May Session, which this year will no longer be free. Credit hours during May Session will be charged at 50 percent of the Autumn and Spring semester rates.

May Session came about as a result of the change from quarters to semesters, and has offered three credits for free since its inception in 2013, plus fees.

Three credit hours at the current tuition rate would cost $1,194. The discounted rate for three credit hours would be $597.

The 50 percent discounted rate only applies for 2017, however. In 2018, it is set to be discounted at 25 percent, which would be $895.50 for three credit hours, if current tuition stays the same.

The May Session discounts apply to all students, not just undergraduates.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the Summer Semester tuition reduction would apply to graduate and professional students in 2018. That is not the case.

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