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Trivium is set to play Newport Music Hall on Sept. 15. Credit: Courtesy of Road Runner Records

Trivium set to kick off world tour in Columbus

Fresh off of its new album “Silence in the Snow,” metal band Trivium’s first stop on its world tour is in Columbus on Thursday.

Trivium has been in the metal scene for years. Active since 2000, the band continues to put out new music while keeping its sound intact. Bassist Paolo Gregoletto, a founding member, said Trivium has maintained its identity in the new era where other bands haven’t.

“We let our records come about naturally, we don’t force it,” Gregoletto said. “We are not defined by being the band we were at 18 years old. We continue to grow and grow, and over time use those tools we used in the past as an asset moving forward.”

The new album is a more melodic, bolder and clearer Trivium. Edgy guitars, powerful drums and heavier vocals from lead singer Matt Heafy are all some of the highlights of the band’s new record. Columbus radio station 99.7 The Blitz, who frequently plays tracks from the new album, is presenting the show.

Gregoletto said the change in metal including the introduction of new subgenres such as progressive metal, technical metal and djent has had a positive effect over the band’s tenure.

“What’s great about metal, is it is constantly growing and changing.” Gregoletto said. “Since the inception of djent, even that has changed. We have benefited from the change in metal.”

This past May, Trivium performed at Rock on the Range, one of the United States’ biggest annual rock festivals, held at MAPFRE Stadium in Columbus. This year, the festival hosted 72 artists on a three-day schedule. In the past, artists such as Korn, Periphery and Lamb of God have foregone having a separate headlining show in Columbus after having performed at the festival.

Although Trivium did play Rock on the Range, it still wants to be close to the fans through hosting a headlining show.

“It’s important,” Gregoletto said. “The festivals are nice, there is a lot of people, but to me, it’s kind of an advertisement for your band. If you dig what you hear from these six songs, come see us at the headlining tour.”

Playing in Columbus is nothing new to the four-piece, as it has headlined here multiple times.

“We’re stoked, man.” Gregoletto said. “Columbus has become a really important spot in the rock scene. We love the city, we’ve stayed downtown and hit a few spots like the North Market.”

The Newport is also familiar territory for Trivium.

“The Newport is a great venue,” Gregoletto said. “It’s a big venue, but it’s also intimate enough that you can get a really great vibe.”

Kicking off the tour in Columbus calls for some special plans.

“We’ve got a really good set planned,” Gregoletto said. “We have a couple of songs we haven’t played in awhile, as well as some new songs we haven’t played in the U.S. yet.”
Trivium is set to perform at Newport Music Hall on Sept. 15 with doors to open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $22.50 in advance and $25 the day of the show, not including fees.

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