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‘Twisted 2’ entwines different forms of art

Karen Wing, Calvin Griffin, and Caitlin Valentine-Ellis star in Twisted 2. Credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Zmuda

Karen Wing, Calvin Griffin, and Caitlin Valentine-Ellis star in Twisted 2. Credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Zmuda

The talents of Columbus Symphony, Opera Columbus and BalletMet will soon reunite for “Twisted 2.”  

Performers, dancers and musicians of eight different organizations are set to take the stage for the sequel to the 2014 performance “Twisted” Thursday through Sunday at the Ohio Theatre.

“The idea is to break down the customary way of presenting the musical excerpts selected for the concert by providing them in a different context, stringing visual elements and original juxtapositions with video projections, unusual arrangements and, this year, bigger community involvement,” said Rossen Milanov, director of the Columbus Symphony.

Peggy Kriha Dye, artistic director for Opera Columbus, said “Twisted 2” is expanded from the original.

“We try to incorporate the singers into the dances and the orchestra is part of the dancing itself,” Dye said. “We have projection this time. It’s more integrated and more twisted together.”

Hisham Omardien, one of the choreographers for BalletMet, said the combination of various art forms into one collective performance is similar to what he saw in his home of South Africa.

“With all of the performances going on (in Columbus), they all go on at the same time, so it’s so hard to see all of them at the same time,” Omardien said. “This is really like going back to home.”

Milanov said “Twisted 2” is geared toward anyone, regardless of familiarity with the performing arts.

“If you are new to the performing arts, ‘Twisted 2’ is a perfect entry point for deeper exploration,” Milanov said. “If you are well-versed in the arts, ‘Twisted 2’ will offer unexpected connections and different takes on familiar repertoire.”

While the performers and directors did not want to give too many details on performance, Dye said there’s one part of the performance that resonates with her most.

“I have been working on the finale, day and night,” Dye said. “There are almost 200 people involved in the finale. As we’re looking at the piece and talking through it, we all got teary eyed just imagining it.”

“Twisted 2” is set to be performed at Ohio Theatre at 39 E. State St. on Thursday at 7:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets will be available for students through OSU’s discount ticket program, D-tix, for $7.

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