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CAPA offers $5 tickets for younger audiences

The Columbus Symphony performs at the Ohio Theatre. Credit: Courtesy of Stephen Pariser

The Columbus Symphony performs at the Ohio Theatre. Credit: Courtesy of Stephen Pariser

Students can now experience fine arts performances without the fine arts prices.

CAPA recently announced its 2016-17 All Access performance schedule. The All Access ticket program offers $5 tickets to people ages 13 to 25.

Along with CAPA theater events, the organization’s resident performance groups Columbus Symphony, Opera Columbus, Chamber Music Columbus and ProMusica will all offer discounted tickets

“The reason we’re doing it is because we want to expose folks in the 13 to 25 age group, and in teaching them how to buy tickets and come down to experience theater,” said Rich Corsi, vice president of programming at CAPA.

Pavana Stetzik, general manager of the Columbus Symphony and a 1987 master’s of music graduate, said she did not get a chance to attend many performances downtown during her college days due lack of time and money. She said the program is a great opportunity for more students to see the orchestra live, something she described as a “religious experience.”

“It’s a way to experience something different, to get away in your mind, to relax, to be away from the rigor of your day to day studies on campus, and I’m glad that we can provide such an opportunity,” Stezik said.

Both Stezik and Corsi said they would have taken advantage of the program had it been an option when they were in college.

“A five-dollar ticket in the 80s compared to a five dollar ticket now, that’s amazing,” Stetzik said. “You’ll pay more than that for a cup of coffee on campus.”

Stetzik said she also wants potential attendees to focus on the experience, and not things like attire.

“Many people have this image of a symphony and its stuffy and its old people and you have to have a tux and a ball gown and that’s not what it’s about at all,” Stetzik said. “Nobody comes to the hall in a tux except for the musicians.”

The first CAPA performance in the All Access program is “The Plough and the Stars,” which is presented at the Southern Theater beginning Oct. 26 in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences. The Columbus Symphony is presenting its Choral Masterpiece on Oct. 28 and 29 at the Ohio Theatre.

The five dollar  ticket vouchers are available at the Ohio Theatre ticket office at 35 E. State St and online at gofor5.com. The voucher must be bought at least 24 hours before the event and is exchanged for an actual ticket at the door. The ticket is guaranteed, and the location of the seats will vary according to availability. A full schedule is available via the program’s website.

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