Buffalo Wild Wings: by Konni Lorenz

I feel I can vouch for many college students, and a large percentage of people, by saying that I love wings. Watching a big football game — especially the Buckeyes — and enjoying some delicious bite-sized chicken with a group of friends is a great experience.

My main go-to wings place is Buffalo Wild Wings. Its wings never disappoint, and the environment is like no other. I recently tried Wings Over, and it was not comparable to Buffalo Wild Wings.

I prefer boneless wings over traditional. Some people would go as far to say that is a disgrace, but for the people who would rather not get sticky and covered in sauce, boneless wings are the perfect alternative.

One of the things, among many others, that puts Buffalo Wild Wings above Wings Over for me is the crunchier batter used on the outside of the wings. I ordered boneless wings with honey barbeque sauce from Wings Over, the same order as I would get from Buffalo Wild Wings, and while Wings Over offered a good flavor, it doesn’t compare to the exceptional wings I’ve had at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Aside from the crunchiness, Buffalo Wild Wings also has better honey barbecue sauce. It also has specific days of the week when its wings are significantly cheaper, which makes it fun to get a group of your friends together for 60-cent boneless wings on Thursdays.

I typically get a side along with my order of wings. Buffalo Wild Wings has delicious fries, potato wedges and many other side options to complete the meal. It also has assorted appetizers, salads if you’re looking for something a bit healthier, and desserts, if you’re not.

Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants have such a fun environment, their prices are very affordable — especially on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s — and the taste of their food is better than any other wing place I have been to.

Whenever I get to choose where to eat, Buffalo Wild Wings is my top pick.

Wings Over: by Mitch Hooper

While Wings Over is technically a fast-food chain, this isn’t your typical drive-thru chicken restaurant.

Whether it’s been a long day of classes or an easy Sunday afternoon of watching football, most occasions can be improved with Wings Over chicken wings. Although Buffalo Wild Wings can offer a multitude of televisions and well-known sauces, Wings Over provides quality chicken at a reasonable price.

Compared to Buffalo Wild Wings’ boneless wings, Wings Over’s boneless wings are much larger — about the size of a chicken tender. Unlike Buffalo Wild Wings, Wings Over does not use processed chicken in their boneless wings and all of the wings are handmade, according to the Wings Over website. Usually the size of a boneless wing isn’t important, but when you think of the breading-to-chicken ratio, you are getting more chicken for your dollar going the Wings Over route.

Each of the wings come in different basket sizes, from the “DC-3,” which contains a half pound of boneless chicken wings to the “Zeppelin,” which contains six pounds of boneless chicken wings.

Wings Over offers five different styles of buffalo sauce –– each of them hotter than the last. Additionally, the restaurant offers seven different styles of barbecue sauce, three different styles of teriyaki, five different styles of dry rubs and five other sauces, including honey mustard and sweet chili.

You might be familiar with Buffalo Wild Wings’ famous sauces, like honey barbeque, parmesan garlic or their classic medium style buffalo sauce, but Wings Over can offer much more variety with their sauces. While some people prefer the safety classic honey barbeque, I recommend taking a leap of faith and trying some of the variations of sauces from Wings Over, such as the spicy kickin’ barbecue or the mustard-based golden barbecue.

Admittedly, Buffalo Wild Wings provides a better atmosphere for eating wings as they offer dining room seating and bar seating with more than 45 televisions for all of your sports-watching needs. But, that isn’t to say Wings Over can’t compete. While eating in a restaurant is nice, you can’t beat the convenience of chicken wings being delivered to your door. Plus, who doesn’t love eating chicken wings on the comfort of your own couch?