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ISIS claims Ohio State attack

A Columbus Police officer stands with a University Police Officer outside of the police cordon in from of the CBEC Building and Koffolt Lab, where the suspect's body lies dead after an attack on OSU's campus on Nov. 28. Credit: Mason Swires | Assistant Photo Editor

A Columbus Police officer stands with a University Police Officer outside of the police cordon in from of the CBEC Building and Koffolt Lab, where the suspect’s body lies dead after an attack on OSU’s campus on Nov. 28. Credit: Mason Swires | Assistant Photo Editor

Islamic State has claimed the attack on Ohio State’s campus that occurred Monday morning, according to a translation of a post from its Amaq News Agency.

Jenan Moussa, a journalist for Arabic Al Aan TV who covers the Middle East, posted the translation in a tweet on Tuesday afternoon.

That Islamic State claimed the attack doesn’t mean that the attacker, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, had any communication or connection to the terrorist group. The group has often claimed attacks after they’ve happened, based on people who acted alone or in the name of Islamic State. Police have not yet declared Artan’s motive.

Artan, a third-year in logistics management, sent 11 people to the hospital after attacking them on campus with his car and a knife before being killed by University Police officer, Alan Horujko.

The terrorist organization says Artan was a “soldier of the Islamic State” according to a tweet by Moussa.  



  1. Islam is pure filth, Send it back to Somalia where it operated as a destroyer. Don’t appease Islam by giving it aid and comfort. The govt is committing treason by letting Islam into the USA.

    • You are part of the reason this country is making no progress. Islam is a religion of peace that punishes those who act out in this way. A small percent are radical, in a similar way to the Christian crusades or Spanish Inquisition, where christians slaughtered many non believers. Every group has its radical members that are purely evil, it doesn’t mean they as a whole are the same. Please educate yourself before posting such awful remarks.

      • Check your sources

        Just a question to you. Perhaps I do need educated. Exactly how do the Muslims of peace punish the Radical Muslims that act out in this way? What kind of punishments are inflicted on the Radical Muslims by other Muslims that kill innocent women and children in terror and bombing attacks? In America we would punish those Radical Muslims, based on our laws. But how do Muslims punish those Radical Muslims. I did look up and from what I read the most serious crimes considered under Sharia Law is for adultery, drinking wine, theft, and highway robbery. I did not see anything for punishment of terrorism. Isn’t those Muslims that act out in terrorism acts considered Martyrs by Muslims?

  2. I think you mean “propaganda machine”, not “news agency”. Certainly we are all dismayed & horrified by Artan’s actions. However, it may be due to an undiagnosed mental illness rather than terrorism. Too early to tell.

  3. Mahmoud El-Yousseph


    Abdul Razak Artan, the Ohio State University student who injured 11 people when he attacked pedestrians on campus with a car and a knife, was inspired by ISIS propaganda. How else could you explain that an honors student would suddenly give up everything and turn against innocent people on the street by using a car and knife as a weapon? My heart goes to all the victims including the Artan family for their loss.

    Let me say it loud and clear, ISIS sucks! This misguided young man was influenced by ISIS, who according to the FBI, produces as many as 90,000 messagess on Twitter, YouTube, and social media in two dozen languages every day. Those messages are targeting young men (Muslims and nonMuslims alike) in the US and the West to declare war with whatever available means they have to them. If this student had been a member of ISIS, he would: 1) have used weapons and explosives in his attack, 2) he would not blow his cover and give an interview to OSU Lantern last August and 3) he would not have used someone else’s car to commit his crime.

    As a retired USAF veteran and a 40 year residence of Central Ohio, I do know that Muslims are on the forefront when it comes to denouncing terrorism against innocent Jews and Christians here or abroad. So, let’s hope that public officials will not use this heinous attack to

    • Mahmoud El-Yousseph

      Continued from the first comment:

      So, let’s hope that public officials will not use this heinous attack to prey on people’s fears to advance their own political interests by equating the Islamic faith with violence and terrorism.

      Please note: The letter above was written by your truly and have been distributed to 100 news publications here and abroad.

  4. He’s a soldier carrying out he’s order.

  5. Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    The Middle East has ISIS and Ohio gets Josh Mandel

    By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    June 29, 2017

    After Governments websites in 3 states including the websites Governor John Kasich and the first lady Karin Kasich were hacked by Team System DZ with pro ISIS messages, State Treasurer Josh Mandel went on rampage by posting absurd and anti Muslims messages on his Facebook. That was even before the FBI’s Ohio field office would confirm the identity of the hackers, Mandel saw fit to blame Islam and Muslims.

    To rant on Facebook, ” Wake up freedom-loving Americans” and “Radical Islam is infiltrating the heartland” without any evidence is nothing more than incitement and misinformation campaign against Muslims. It is absolutely amazing that a Jew such as Mandel has such a short memory about where such prejudice leads.

    This is by no means the fist time Mr. Mandel used deceptive tactics to score a political point. During his race for state treasurer two years ago, he resorted to a fake and phony TV ad that suggested his opponent Kevin Boyce, an African-American Christian, was a Muslim.

    Last December, Mr. Mandel also share a Twitter post from an Arizona man who referred to Islam as “offensive.” This makes me wonder if Mr. Mandel is mad because his website was not hacked by the pro ISIS hackers! Perhaps Mandel never met a Muslim or have visited any of the 88 Ohio mosques.

    Josh Mandel graduated from OSU in 2000 and attended law school at Case Western Reserve. According to Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mandel took the bar exam, but no one can locate records of him passing it. Mandel, is the GOP nominee to challenge Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in 2018. Ohioans deserve honesty and integrity of any office seekers.

    Josh Mandel conveniently ignore the facts of a recent report that indicates there were 355 mass shootings in the U.S. in 2015. Only two of them, the alleged suspects, were Muslims. All other 353 mass shootings were committed by White supremacist groups. According to FBI statics, over 90% of terrorist acts in the US are committed by non-Muslims.

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have launched ane app called “Making Democracy Work for Everyone” in an effort to make the number of reported hate crimes match the actual number of these crimes.

    CAIR also released a report showing a 57 percent increase in anti-Muslim incidents in the U.S. in 2016 compared with the previous year. Over the same period there was a 44 percent increase in incidents that were officially recognized as hate crimes against Muslims. Where was Mr. Mandel hiding during those hate crimes and ugly attacks that was committed against Muslims and their institutions locally and nationwide?

    Mandel should talk to and not about Muslims in America. Perhaps he can learn somethings. It is not healthy or helpful to publicly insult and defame your follow Muslims citizens. This Muslim observer take comforts by the fact that the Middle East has ISIS and Ohio gets Josh Mandel. They are both two sides of the same coin.

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    Retired USAF Veteran
    Feedbac: elyousseph6@yahoo.com

    Westerville, Ohio

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