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Letter to the Editor: Don’t give Trump a chance

On Nov. 15, a letter to the editor appeared in The Lantern titled “Give President Donald Trump a chance,” alongside a second letter to the editor about white supremacist posters appearing in Hagerty Hall.

If it’s not clear to you what’s wrong with this picture, it’s clear to me that you’re not looking hard enough.

Donald J. Trump has run a campaign founded on ethnic resentment and false promises, which you will probably be familiar with if “The Wall,” “Muslim ban,” or “national Muslim database” ring any bells. He has advocated racist “stop-and-frisk” policies, and has claimed that authoritarian “law and order” is the sole solution to inner-city crime. He has fueled hatred against racial and religious minorities and legitimized sexual assault against women. He has been elected on the blessing of Vladimir Putin and the Russian government, which have launched cyberattacks against the Clinton campaign to his benefit. He is the least qualified person ever to be elected to the presidency, having no experience in politics, the military or any realm of public service. This does not make him an “outsider.” This makes him untested, probably incompetent and potentially dangerous.

I should not need to remind anyone of any of this. Any reasoned observer of his sordid campaign could tell you the same. It feels pointless to keep repeating the same charges against Trump, since the only people who would deny them are those who have already bought into his stump speech.

It should be clear that Trump is an unabashed demagogue, that he appeals to the worst of our country’s sentiments, and that we have no reason whatsoever to normalize his presidency by “giving him a chance.”

But for those of you already headed down that path, here’s a reminder of the material reality of what a Trump administration means.

During campaign season, the Southern Poverty Law Center observed what it termed “The Trump Effect”: a general increase in anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment among K-12 students across the country, accompanied by a spike in uncivil political discourse. Two-thirds of teachers surveyed nationwide reported that students from minority groups — including immigrants, children of immigrants, Muslims and African-Americans — were afraid of what might happen to them or their families after the election. Muslims worried they might have tracking microchips implanted in their skin, and African-Americans expressed concern about “being sent back to Africa” or having to return to slavery.

One teacher wrote to the SPLC: “My students have one thing in common. Apparently, America hates them.”

The FBI reported Monday that hate crimes in the United States rose by six percent between 2014 and 2015, apparently justifying these students’ worst fears. Assaults, threats and destruction of property increased across the board, with perpetrators targeting sexual, racial and religious minorities, as well as women. However, the most significant increase occurred in crimes targeting Muslims, which reached their highest level since immediately after 9/11.

Trump has recently appointed Steve Bannon, former editor of the far-right, “alt-right” website Breitbart News, as his chief White House strategist and senior counselor. Bannon has since received glowing endorsements from the chairman of the American Nazi Party and David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the KKK. By no strange coincidence, the posters put up in Hagerty Hall this past week were put up by members of Bannon’s “alt-right” movement, who were probably well-versed in the toxic white-supremacist ideology that Duke and Bannon promote. Under a Trump presidency, it is probable that events like this will become commonplace.

All this goes without saying, of course, that Trump’s economic policies, which have been roundly criticized by economists from all across the political spectrum, would probably add trillions to the national debt, leave millions of Americans without health care, ignite trade wars and widen income inequality — all of which would hurt the working-class people who elected him.

Trump has also appointed a climate change denier to lead the EPA’s administrative transition and vowed to kill the international Paris Agreement, which is our last best hope to stall the progress of anthropogenic climate change.

Trump has also taken a firm stand against women’s reproductive rights, has vowed to reverse Roe v. Wade, and has a vice president with a proud history of engaging with anti-gay legislation.

I think it should be clear that Donald Trump is in no way a president for all of America and that he is not at all interested in “love” or “unification.” Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, being high-profile public figures, may be obligated to “give him a chance,” but that does not mean that the rest of us are.

For those interested in fighting back against the Trump presidency, please consider supporting Planned Parenthood, the National Resources Defense Council, the International Refugee Assistance Project, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the Trevor Project for LGBTQ Youth, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and/or joining a political activism or advocacy group here on campus. We can only win this together.


  1. commie level full retard

  2. Well said! Equality is at stake here. National security, the health of the planet, let alone KINDNESS and decency. Stand up for the things you believe in. It’s more important now than ever.

    • Tired of the crybabies

      I think they should make college campuses Sanctuary Areas for illegal aliens, Muslim refugees, and the like.

      • Tired of the crybabies

        Wow, I made this comment in jest before the Muslim attack on OSU campus and now I see where some colleges are actually considering this idea. Liberals really are deranged and do not live in reality. You saw what happened this week when a refugee was permitted to gain access into this country without proper vetting. Colleges are only asking for trouble if they declare themselves Sanctuary areas. It is like Liberals lack all common sense. Their self described elite status makes them think they know what is good for everyone. But really they are just a bunch of fools….

  3. Thank you, Joseph! I am going to post virtually the same reply to your article that I posted to Nick’s article, which came from the opposite viewpoint. I believe a call to action for engagement, respect and standing up for equality always applies regardless the audience.

    I was a proud Hillary Clinton voter. I have been through many other elections in my life where the party I voted for didn’t win, and I have been disappointed but never truly scared before.

    Many of our fellow Americans are truly scared. Not sore losers, not mad they didn’t get their way, not whiny, but scared. Women are scared that their choices in health care are at great risk – and by ‘Healthcare’ I don’t just mean a euphemism for safe abortion. I mean cancer screenings in the form of paps and mammograms, safe birth control and prenatal care, and physical exams. American citizens of Muslim faith are scared that they will literally be run out of the country, or if they leave won’t be able to get back in. The LGBT community is scared that their rights will be threatened more now, not just because of what Mr. Trump himself proposed, but because he chose one of the most dangerously anti-gay people in the country to be his running mate. People of all demographics are scared that we could actually be facing an administration of science deniers who will reverse steps taken to slow climate change. Anyone relying on the healthcare act is scared for obvious reasons.

    These fears aren’t from speculation or assumption, they are in response to statements that Mr. Trump and his direct surrogates actually made, from policy ideas actually proposed.

    I have already seen him change the tone and even content of some of these measures now that he is learning more about the job, so for that, I’m grateful and hopeful.

    If the electoral college votes him in this December, he will be our president and we will all pray he does a good job. But accepting him as our president does not mean we accept that the nation will go backward regarding key areas of science, equality, health care, poverty, and foreign relations. It does not mean we accept the appointment of Steve Bannon. It does not mean we lose the power of our voice.

    Thank you for posting the organizations at the end of our article – I was unaware of a couple of those. I would also urge people to call and write all of our representatives and make your voices heard.

    • They are scared because the national and local media has falsely accused him of being a bigot without basis. They manipulated the whole election with false claims and fake news. We can now understand the many polls they cited with Hillary winning by large margins were all faked as was much of the coverage of the election and Hillary’s events which had very few people in attendance but the media didn’t care to show us these facts.

  4. Check your sources

    Citing the Southern Poverty Law Center as a credible source is in itself a mistake by the letter writer. The FBI has scrubbed itself from using the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source. The Southern Poverty Law Center is known as a left wing fear mongering cite. In fact there was shooter a few years back that cited the Southern Poverty Law Center as one of his influences. I guess the letter writer also forgot to mention about the thugs that left wing groups sent into stir up the pot at Trump rallies such as when a Trump supporter was pelted with eggs or when a Trump supporter was beat on?

    The letter writer also forgets to mention about President Obamas trillions that he added to the deficit and will end with 20 trillion dollars to the deficit.

    Seems to me the letter writer speaks of Trump not being for unification but the letter writer is the one citing a left wing hate group as one of his sources. Perhaps the letter writer and those not willing to give Trump a chance are really the ones that are not for unification?

    • Seems to me the comment writer does not understand the difference between the deficit and the national debt.

      • check your sources

        Thank you for correction-no matter obama has run up the numbers for spending more than many presidents combined-leaving younger generations footing the bill. Hillary has run a failed campaign twice now. Time for the losers to grow up and move on.

      • Check your sources

        Thanks for correction of misuse of one word. I see you did not dispute anything else I wrote. Just remember one thing Hillary ran a losing campaign TWICE now-time for the cry babies to move on.

        • Seems to me the comment writer is more interested in advancing his ideology by complaining about the SPLC without addressing how well Trump’s agenda meshes with that of white supremacist groups (funny that he classes the SPLC as a hate group without citing any sources for that, while ignoring the real, right-wing hate groups in the U.S. today). It would appear that the commenter would rather roll out tired criticisms of the sitting President and cherry-pick incidents of bad behavior among the Democrats than address how much of his candidate’s campaign is founded on polemical, unproductive, and hate-fuelling rhetoric.

          Just remember one thing–the “losing candidate” will have a 2 percent popular vote margin by the time of the “winner’s” inauguration, which in no sense of the word constitutes a mandate for his agenda.

          • Check your sources

            Maybe Trump is right-seems to me the attacker today was a Muslim-maybe Oh Really and the letter writer needs to crawl back into their safe space. As they sure do not live in reality. Reality came today on the College Campus of the Ohio State University. It is sad that left leaning people do not see the problem when it is right under their noses. I pray that everyone is ok from the attack today.

            On another note, Hillary will be a 3 time loser after the ruckus that Jill Sein is causing

          • Trump’s “mandate” is that now the GOP have control of all branches of government…

            Go climb back in your safe space.

  5. Joseph Glandorf, don’t you look foolish now. Islam will not, can not and now that Americans have voted Trump president, will not be allowed to enjoy this country’s benefits.

    • Trump is a Sore Winner

      I can see why the shooter told The Lantern he was nervous at OSU.
      The comments say everything I ever need to know about The Ohio State…..that and the swastikas painted at residence halls reported on last week.

      • Check your sources

        The Muslim attacker was a refugee that should not have been here in the first place. No proper vetting. Quit making escuses for the Radical Muslims. You look weak just like Hillary.. Your name seems like a joke. Were you trying to be funny as Hillary is the real sore loser

  6. I understand modern college life:

    All republicans are EVIL.

    All minorities are oppressed. If there muslim and hacking students with a long knife then remember it was corrupt white men who invented the mass production technique of making steel.

    BTW, did you notice the OSU fire department managed to scrub the blood of the attack off the sidewalks?

    Remember, republicans are EVIL. Muslims are your brothers. You’re expendable for P.C.

    • Great analysis, Bill H. Let me see if I understand: You are opposed to one-sided, bigoted white men, especially all “EVIL” republicans. Glad to see you are so open-minded.. If a Muslim slashes someone with a knife it’s because some white guy many, many years ago invented steel. Can anyone with an IQ even think that, let alone put it in The Lantern? John in Sarasota

      • John,

        You need to recalibrate your sarcasm detector. Most people got the sarcasm at the part of “you’re expendable for P.C.”



  7. 12-1-2016. Editor: I cannot understand why someone smart enough to get into Ohio State and serve on The Lantern staff would write that we should NOT give the new President a chance. College is supposed to teach people how to think, not rant and rave. Make you a deal: Stop it with the hysteria; give it 1 year; if anything you are afraid of comes true I’ll buy you a steak dinner. BUT, if nothing you are screaming about comes to pass you publicly apologize in The Latern. Deal? John Alexander in Sarasota (OSU grad)

  8. Dear Editor!
    Yes, Americans have just elected a new president! Over 80% of the Trump voters say they voted for The Donald because he promised to make ‘changes’ in America and because they were dissatisfied with the ‘professional’ politicians in Washington. Would any of them, I ask, choose a ‘non-mechanic’ to fix their car, a ‘non-pilot’ to fly their plane, a ‘non doctor’ to operate on them, or a ‘non-lawyer’ to defend them in court? Hardly! But yet they think a ‘non-politician’ is exactly the guy they want to run their government. Mr. Trump – with no knowledge, whatsoever, of his tax returns – has an established record as a cheat, a swindler, a tax-dodger, a racist, an inveterate prevaricator, and a ‘groper’, but, nevertheless, he’s the new leader, that Americans have chosen to guide America backwards to greatness. What could possibly go wrong with this scenario? My advice? Pray, if you pray, or, otherwise, just ‘good luck!’. R. Amos

  9. Dear Editor! The devil made me do this:


    On and on Trump rants and raves!

    Never finds the praise he craves!

    Hates the jeers, at reporters leers,

    He loves his base, loves their cheers!

    But a scary day could be near,

    The day that he should really fear,

    When base and more might wilt and tire,

    Of The Donald’s lying pants on fire!

    Rolland Amos, Severn MD

  10. If there muslim and hacking students with a long knife then remember it was corrupt white men who invented the mass production technique of making stee l192.168.1.1

  11. hong sam cao cap

  12. I would like more such this. Of The Donald’s lying pants on fire!

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