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Ohio State employee’s Facebook status causes tension


A Facebook post allegedly by Stephanie Clemons Thompson, assistant director of Residence Life at Ohio State. Screenshot by: Mitch Hooper | Engagement Editor

Two days after the attack on campus by Abdul Razak Ali Artan, controversy surrounds the situation following a Facebook status allegedly posted Monday by Stephanie Clemons Thompson, the assistant director of residence life in the Office of Student Life University Housing at Ohio State.

The post, which is now deleted, described Artan as a Buckeye, and asked for members of the Ohio State community to come together and remember him as a student first. The post also told users, “DO NOT SHARE THIS POST.”

Screenshots of the post gained attention on social media and garnered comments, including which some demanded an explanation, and others that called for her to resign or be fired.

A screenshot of a tweet condemning an OSU employees post about the campus attack on Nov. 28. Credit: Screenshot by Mitch Hooper | Engagement Editor

A screenshot of a tweet condemning an OSU employees post about the campus attack on Nov. 28. Credit: Screenshot by Mitch Hooper | Engagement Editor

Some questioned the rationale behind the Clemons Thompson’s post.


A screenshot of a tweet condemning an OSU employees post about the campus attack on Nov. 28. Credit: Screenshot by Mitch Hooper | Engagement Editor

A screenshot of a tweet condemning an OSU employees post about the campus attack on Nov. 28. Credit: Screenshot by Mitch Hooper | Engagement Editor

In a statement, OSU spokesman Ben Johnson said Thompson’s alleged post does not represent the university.

“This post from this individual clearly is not an official statement of the university and represents her own personal viewpoint,” Johnson said in an email.

The Lantern has been unable to get a comment from Thompson regarding the post, and phone calls to her office phone went directly to a busy signal.

Her biography on the Student Life website says she loves that OSU “has a very unique culture that encourages innovative scholarship,” and she “(encourages) students to think outside the box when tackling challenging issues.”



  1. What in the wide world of sports does #sayhisname mean?

    That is a troubled person who posted that rant.

  2. What the hell?!?! What is wrong with Thompson’s post? The kid was a Buckeye, she is right about that. What he did was terrible, as she mentioned. It is not right to celebrate his death, nor post pictures of it in glee. She has every right to unfriend whomever she wishes, and if she wishes not to see such posts, she has the right to unfriend that person.

    Clearly this kid was troubled, that he felt he had to take these actions. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ASKING FOR COMPASSION HERE!

    She should not lose her job over this, nor be sanctioned. I can’t believe that people would take offense over this.

    • He tried to kill people. To ask for compassion for him is telling the victims that they don’t matter.

      When you try to harm others, any respect, compassion, empathy, or sympathy is forfeit.

      By your definition, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, etc deaths should not be seen as a good thing either.

      You want the benefits of free speech but if someone said something racist or vile you wouldn’t be stepping up for them at all and neither would she. Hypocrites.

    • People like you are the reason the media covers murderers for weeks on end whole wiping their collective rears with the victims’ death certificates.

      Before you leak your so called empathy, see if you can remember THEIR names without a search.

    • He’s a TERRORIST! If that’s who you make your bed for then lay in it as well.

    • He was “troubled”. Or, perhaps he was a jihadi…..I just laugh when I read these attempts to pass off a civilizational challenge as some poor misguided kids ‘hobby’ while he sorts through late adolescence… what pure suicidal ideation.

    • My child was lock in a room. How about compassion for the victims and their families. I am a Buckeye, my family are Buckeyes. He was not a Buckeye… This how Jihadi is spread, promoting it

      • Well, do the right thing and contact the administration and call for her ouster. And, that is a start! Ask why university resources are spent on Somali refugees, when you pay full tuition!

        It is obvious that the students have been cowed into silence for fear of retaliation by their uber-liberal professors. But, you alumni are no longer worried about vengeful professors who downgrade anyone who dare question their opinions.

        Better yet, have the alumni lose their checkbooks! That will get their attention.

        • Go away alt-right creepshow

          Hey, there–No, we haven’t. We’d like to know why you won’t leave us alone, though. Take your Islamophobic hate-festival somewhere else. Goose-step off into the sunset. Everyone around here is to smart to take your bait.

          • The only people who use the word Islamophobia are those who side with militant Islamist sand Nazi terrorism,.

    • You are claiming he was a Buckeye so that means support him ? Are you insane? Not one of us could imagine driving a vehicle into a crowd of people with intent much less getting out and stabbing people . But , oh their a fellow Buckeye so it’s okay. Get a life!

    • The same copuld be tweeted, written, or said about Dylann Roof.

  3. She’s a hero for saying this. The fact that people are upset by her call for compassion is the most disgusting part of this entire affair. The death of a son, a friend, a Buckeye shouldn’t prompt celebration.

  4. She went far beyond ‘compassion’ Merlin Marshall. By using hashtags like blacklivesmatter and sayhisname, she is conflating someone who actively tried to MURDER his fellow students with black citizens who were killed unnecessarily by police officers. She is implying, if not outright saying, that the death of someone committing an act of terror aimed at students under her watch was wrong. She has no place at a University where she is an a position of trust and responsibility. IF a student came to her and said, “I’m thinking of hurting other people,” would you trust her to communicate this to proper authorities and prevent potential bloodshed? I sure don’t! She would probably sit on the information in the name of inclusion.

  5. What about the 9 Buckeye injured on this horrific attack? What about the 3 Buckeye victims that I believe still remain in the hospital? Were is her compassion for these innocent victims?

    I was really appalled by her Facebook post siding with the attacker instead of supporting the innocent victims. I am myself an immigrant, a Hispanic, English is my second language so I appreciate diversity, yet I found her post extremely offensive.
    Please, Stephanie, resign. You were not there for the entire Buckeye community.

  6. No one is accusing Stephanie Clemons Thompson of being a rocket scientist. She said something very stupid. She’s an idiot. Ok we got it. That’s all very clear. But give her a break.

  7. Give her break She never claimed to be a rocket scientist and she’s clearly misguided. But enough already.
    Hopefully the University will hire a professional to help her sort out some deep personal issues.

  8. She clearly has every right in the world to speak her peace, as long as it doesn’t directly harm others, and she is protected against her government. That is the first amendment, plain and simple. That same first amendment allows me to call her a flipping moron, stupider than dirt, and profess sincere hope that she gets fired. There is absolutely no difference in the protection. Hopefully, she loses her job tomorrow.

  9. She is a very dedicated social warrior who equates a homicidal jihadist with victims of some bad policing and then wraps it all up in a veil of compassion. She should be fired, both for being incompetent in the use of social media and for advocating compassion for a person who tried to kill students under her care, while expressing none for the innocent victims. Or perhaps she considers the victims just collateral damage in her campaign…..

  10. Is Christianity dead? How many of you remember the Amish tragedy where a deranged individual stormed into an Amish school and shot several girls. The community had this response:

    On the day of the shooting, a grandfather of one of the murdered Amish girls was heard warning some young relatives not to hate the killer, saying, “We must not think evil of this man.”[15] Another Amish father noted, “He had a mother and a wife and a soul and now he’s standing before a just God.”[16] Jack Meyer, a member of the Brethren community living near the Amish in Lancaster County, explained: “I don’t think there’s anybody here that wants to do anything but forgive and not only reach out to those who have suffered a loss in that way but to reach out to the family of the man who committed these acts.”[15]

    Some commentators criticized the quick and complete forgiveness with which the Amish responded, arguing that forgiveness is inappropriate when no remorse has been expressed, and that such an attitude runs the risk of denying the existence of evil,[21][22][23] while others were supportive.[24][25] Donald Kraybill and two other scholars of Amish life noted that “letting go of grudges” is a deeply rooted value in Amish culture, which remembers forgiving martyrs including Dirk Willems and Jesus himself. They explained that the Amish willingness to forgo vengeance does not undo the tragedy or pardon the wrong, but rather constitutes a first step toward a future that is more hopeful.[26][27]

    I understand that not all Buckeyes are Christian, but I think all Buckeyes should welcome the rare calls for compassion and forgiveness in this increasingly divided world. It is a sign of hope and unity.

    • I was deeply offended by Stephanie FB post in 3 fronts.
      First, because she was asking for compassion for the attacker only, with no compassion for the victims. That is not inclusive, that is siding with the attacker
      Secondly because she tried to connect this incident with BLM (#SayHisName). As a Hispanic this is not what BLM is all about. If this incident is what BLM represents please count me out.
      Thirdly, because she tried to dictate folks what to do (DO NOT SHARE, I will unfriend you). That was troublesome for me, especially when she is an educator shaping the lives of her students (an educator should listen, an educator should not dictate and impose)

      This is a free country, so I am entitled to my own opinions as long as I don’t hurt you.
      Thank you for reading.

    • Keep it up. You will run out of cheeks to turn.

      Should we have turned the other cheek after Pearl Harbor? After 9/11?

      You are comparing one incident to an ongoing war. Get a clue!

  11. Even these commenters are defending the terrorist…OMG, I am so NOT going to this university. I’m sorry, but there are some lines that should not be crossed. And you guys have crossed them.

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