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Drake details long term framework in University Address

University President Michael Drake speaks to a crowd gathered at Drinko Hall during the State of the University Address. Credit: Matt Dorsey | Lantern Reporter

University President Michael Drake detailed a long term plan for Ohio State’s redevelopment Thursday afternoon during his University Address at Drinko Hall. Framework 2.0 is a plan developed to modernize campus through renovations, additions and demolitions to buildings and open spaces.

The plan has been in development since 2015, however concrete details of the plan have not been released entirely until Drake’s address.

He said the plan will help the university reach its full potential as an “exemplary research, teaching and learning campus for the future.”

The plan is not concrete, but acts as a guiding framework for the construction and redevelopment of campus that will take place in the coming years, Drake said.

“In broad strokes, it imagines the physical space that will inspire every aspect of our Ohio State community to be the very best from its students, faculty and staff to its visitors on campus,” Drake said.

Drake highlighted the growth on campus in student and faculty population, as well as the research and academic capabilities OSU can support. He said that the redevelopment plan can aid this growth by creating new student spaces, as well as updating different facilities, such as the construction currently being carried out in Pomerene Hall.

“We’re also looking at building modern facilities to support cutting edge research and a high-quality student experience,” Drake said. “Leading in science, education and performing arts requires state of the art facilities.”

He said another crucial part of Framework 2.0 is reaching sustainability goals which include reducing energy use and the university’s carbon footprint.

Throughout his address, Drake also continued to push forward a message and goal of greatness for Ohio State as a national flagship university.

“Our aspiration is to strengthen significantly our position as a national public flagship university,” he said. “What happens here at Ohio State matters. The work that happens here everyday is meaningful, impactful and significant. It makes a difference. It touches lives.”

Drake also used the opportunity to speak of the school’s recent achievements.

“As always there are so many bright moments at the Ohio State University and several of our most important indicators are at all-time highs,” he said.

Among these indicators are a high graduation rates, a record increase in the number of incoming minority students and the fact that one in five undergraduates are first-generation college students.

“We work very hard every day in this and other ways to be a more affordable, a more excellent, engaged and inclusive university,” Drake said.

The university’s involvement in the American Talent Initiative will work towards the affordability goal, hoping to enroll 50,000 low and moderate-income students by 2025.

“This is a very ambitious goal and something we’re very proud of,” Drake said.

Drake also took time to recognize and commend the OSU fire department, as well as public safety services, for their efforts during the violent incident that occurred on campus on Nov. 28.

“The attack on our campus tested our resilience but throughout we remained Buckeye strong,” Drake said. “I am profoundly proud of all of the members of our Buckeye family, our staff and faculty from the first responders, our students and their families who showed great care and support of each other.”

He then expressed pride in strives made in student support programs such as the One Day / One Week program for psychological support. The program states that emergency calls will be handled immediately and non-emergency calls within one day.

“I will say that I tried anonymously calling this in the fall to make sure that it actually worked and it was terrific,” Drake said.

His tone at the end of his roughly hour-long speech consisted of hope and confidence. Drake reiterated that OSU is a place for everyone, with an atmosphere of openness and culture of inclusion.   

“We have an obligation to continue to steer a path forward as we create an environment that inspires discovery and knowledge, that values and celebrates diverse opinions and is welcoming to all, now and for generations to follow,” he said.  

Drake ended his address by quoting deceased astronaut John Glenn by saying, “We are more fulfilled when we inspire something bigger than ourselves.”

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