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Case of second missing Ohio State student proves more complicated than the first

Max Tongtae’s family has not seen or heard from him since he left his shift at Ohio State’s CABS bus service on Wednesday.

The same day that Reagan Tokes, a fourth-year in psychology went missing, another Ohio State student went missing as well. His case, however, has more questions remaining.

Natenon “Max” Tongtae graduated in 2015 and was taking an extra class to boost his GPA, his sister Pauline Rinthara told The Lantern. He worked at OSU’s CABS bus system, and reportedly abruptly left his shift early on Wednesday. His family, who he lives with in nearby Groveport, hasn’t heard from him or seen him since.

Tongtae was reported to the police on Wednesday, near a gas station outside Pittsburgh. A woman called the police because he looked lost and out of place, Rinthara said. The police didn’t show up to the scene, but they ran the license plates of his vehicle, which is how they figured out his identity and connected him with his family in Ohio.

“We were hoping he would come home, and we wouldn’t have to contact the news,” Rinthara said.

A 24-year-old with no history of mental illness, he wasn’t immediately declared “missing” by the police, Rinthara said, although as of Monday, he was.

Dan Hedman, spokesman for OSU’s Office of Administration and Planning, said University Police was aware of the situation.

“We are concerned by media reports that an Ohio State employee and student who was last seen in Pittsburgh is missing and our Transportation and Traffic Management team has been in contact with his family,” Hedman said in a statement. “In addition, OSUPD has been in contact with law enforcement partners to offer our assistance. We will share more information as it becomes available.”

The police department in Madison Township, Ohio, which is handling the investigation, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Correction, 2/13: An earlier version of this article listed the police department being in Madison, Pennsylvania. In fact, it is the police department in Madison Township, Ohio, which is handling the case.

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