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Coffee Club is now brewing at Ohio State

Coffee Club, founded last year, meets every week. Credit: Ethan Andersen

Ohio State coffee lovers are taking their passion outside of the cafe.

Founded last semester, Coffee Club is looking for more members to join in on its appreciation for the coffee industry, science and taste.

Weekly meetings are typically held on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. and include coffee-related speakers or documentaries, or venturing to a local coffee shop to observe the craftsmanship and taste the product.

Ethan Andersen, the club’s founder and second-year in engineering physics, established the club because he said he is passionate about coffee and saw the need for a community at Ohio State that also is interested in coffee and its culture.

While the club is still small, Andersen said he believes that once people learn more about it, students of all majors will see the value of coffee and want to join.

“At the simplest form, coffee is a study aid for the majority, but if you were to really take a look at the drink further, it has a cultural significance,” Andersen said. “I’d like to see Coffee Club have strong pillars in the industry — appealing to students who want to go into business or finance, as well as appealing to the students interested in the chemistry, science and engineering behind coffee and the environmental impact and then an overall sort of rounded appreciation for the enjoyment of coffee itself.”

Jack Warfield, a second-year in engineering physics and one of the club’s original members, joined the Coffee Club after he transferred from Bowling Green State University last semester. He said he sees the club as a way to get to know people as well as learn about the industry.

“There is the useful element of caffeine keeping people awake, but it can also offer something for people to slow down for a second and have a social moment,” Warfield said. “Getting coffee is an enjoyable and relaxing, fun thing.”

While members of the club have a greater appreciation for the beverage than most, both Andersen and Warfield stressed that anybody of any experience level — from those who frequent Starbucks to those who drink only artisan coffee — is welcome to come learn more about coffee culture.

Going forward, Andersen said he has big ideas for the future of club. As more students join, he hopes to have more speakers and outings, as well as the ability to hold larger events, possibly incorporating philanthropic events.

For more information, visit the organization’s website.

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