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Missing Ohio State student’s car matches license plate, description of car of woman found dead in Grove City

The car of an Ohio State student reported missing after she did not return home from work Wednesday night is believed to have the same license plate as a vehicle linked to a woman found dead in Grove City Thursday.

Reagan Tokes, a fourth-year in psychology, has not been heard from since 9:45 p.m. after she left her shift at Bodega in the Short North, according to her sister Makenzie Tokes. Makenzie Tokes had reached out on social media seeking information about her sister, and identified her vehicle as a 1999 Acura, with Ohio State and Miami Dolphins stickers.

The Columbus Dispatch reported Thursday that a woman found dead at Scioto Grove Metro Park was connected to the same year and model of car, with OSU and Miami Dolphins stickers, and the license plate FGR 8547. Emma Steele, a third-year in journalism and friend of Tokes, confirmed Thursday that Tokes’ car bore the same license plate number.

“I know that’s her car,” Steele said.

The woman found in Grove City has not been named by authorities.

Makenzie Tokes said the last time a message went through to Reagan’s phone and was marked “delivered,” was 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. Makenzie Tokes posted on Twitter at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, “EVERYONE please help my sister Reagan Tokes is missing from OSU.”

Representatives from the Columbus Division of Police did not respond to requests for comment. A representative from the police department in Grove City said she could not comment.


  1. Very sad, prayers.

  2. My prayers and thoughts are with you very sad hope u are with the lord or they will find you soon lots of love and prayers

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  4. J k, when a white person kills someone, does everyone blame ALL white people for the crime committed? Of course not.

    More to the point, an innocent young woman lost her life for no reason. Her killer is a monster of a human being, regardless of his skin color. Her death and the manner in which she died is truly heartbreaking and will cause an endless amount of sorrow for her family and friends. BUT just as heartbreaking and sorrowful is the fact that people like you will use her death and the skin color of her killer to justify your need to hate people who don’t look like you. You in many ways are as bad as he is, extending the circle of pain and suffering by assaulting innocent people with no ill-intent towards you with your prejudice and hate. Shame on you.

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