Ohio State student hosts podcast “Technically We’re Adults.” Credit: Courtesy of TNS

An Ohio State student attempts to explain what it means to be an adult through her own podcast.

Veronica Skok, a fourth-year in landscape architecture, started “Technically We’re Adults” in the summer of 2016, and has since put out 13 episodes. Subjects include fashion in the workplace, politics, travel and Netflix, among other topics. Skok often invites guests from the OSU community educated in a specific topic to join in a discussion with a comedic spin.

“I like the idea of creating an environment that creates quality conversation,”  Skok said. “It allows for a detailed discussion of topics that would not happen in a standard, casual conversation.”

Skok started the podcast at the beginning of last summer when she was seeking an outlet for expression. Blogging or creating a YouTube channel were among her first ideas, but ultimately chose the podcast platform, as she had experience as former co-host at OSU’s AROUSE student radio station.

“The target audience is current college students and recent graduates,” Skok said. “I suppose that can be best summarized as everyone in their second decade of life.”

Louisa Wruck, a fourth-year in economics and two-time guest of the show, started following Skok’s podcast from its inception.

“I really appreciate that her podcast covers a wide range of topics that relate to college students who are about to make the transition to adult life,” Wruck said. “There’s always something new, entertaining, and useful.”

Using just built-in applications on her MacBook, Skok encourages others to keep it simple when creating podcasts.

“You can choose to spend as much or as little money as you want to develop it,” Skok said. “When podcast production is a side project it can be difficult to dedicate the time to plan, record and edit episodes regularly.”

Skok said she’s not overly concerned about how many listeners the podcast has, and sees it as self-expression.

“Since I founded my podcast as a personal form of expression, I am pretty easily excited when I find out more people other than my mom are listening to it,” Skok said. “With so many apps available containing a plethora of things to listen to, I am very honored that people are willing to see what I have to share.

“Technically We’re Adults” is available on iTunes or by visiting the podcast’s WordPress page.