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Vote to reinstate Kappa Kappa Gamma fails

Members from Panhellenic Association-governed sororities voted down a motion Wednesday evening to reinstate Kappa Kappa Gamma following its two-year suspension. The sorority was suspended for hazing and inappropriate use of alcohol after a 19-year old pledge was struck by a car while intoxicated in 2015.

KKG’s suspension is set to expire on May 7, making them eligible for reinstatement in the 2018 Spring Semester, following a vote from delegates from other sororities. However, the vote to bring back the chapter carried the added weight of determining the future expansion of Greek Life — per a recolonization agreement struck with Ohio State, should the PHA decide to expand, KKG must be the first chapter let back on campus.

After a vote by the elected delegates from the 17 PHA governed chapters, it was decided that KKG would not be allowed back on campus for the 2017-2018 school year, thereby preventing the Panhellenic community from expanding in the meantime. The issue will be brought back to the table next year.

Representatives at KKG national headquarters could not be reached for comment.

At the time of publication, representatives from the PHA had not responded to a request for comment, or a request to verify the vote count.


  1. Kristin Christensen

    What’s the point of continuing to punish KKG? Two years is long enough for its members to have learned a very serious lesson right up to the top at national, especially if a lawsuit was filed. Many of those involved have already graduated, I don’t see how continued banishment is the solution, in fact, it would seem it has the effect of furthering the agenda of chipping away at the dismantlement of the fraternity system which some would like to see disappear altogether. If the system is going to survive, all individuals need to take responsibility to behave in an acceptable manner for the good of the whole. Isn’t it the point of the existence of Panhellenic to be of beneficent counsel to each other in that regard, continually striving to sustain more positive methods to achieve the goal of fraternal cohesiveness, protection of its members, and thus, being a good example to the rest of the community as to how it can be done?

    • While Kristin’s thoughts are gracious and well-written it’s entirely possible the greek women of Ohio State University thought more about sustaining sorority groups presently on campus. Not every OSU sorority group has met their current total number. If every group is to achieve and maintain quota Kappa cannot yet return. In addition, most modern campuses and greek panhellenics use a five year time-window for the return of a removed fraternal organization. This is especially true when egregious circumstances exist for the original removal of the petitioning group.

  2. I voted to reinstate them. I hope that we can reinstate them on the next vote.

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