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Board of Trustees approve of Pelotonia Corp., various construction projects

The Ohio State Board of Trustees met on Friday and unanimously approved the following:

Requiring same-sex couples to marry before receiving benefits, beginning Jan. 1, 2018

There is an exception for faculty and their dependents who have enrolled in the plan before Dec. 31, 2017, who will be given coverage through the 2018 year.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, no unmarried same-sex couples will be eligible for benefits.  Currently, unmarried same-sex couples have been able to receive benefits heterosexual unmarried couples could not.  

More details: Here.


Transforming Pelotonia into a 501c3 corporation

The Board voted that the created corporation be fused with Pelotonia, and include an appointment of three university representatives to serve on the board of directors.

They have the ability to veto rights over amendments, licensing, allocation, dissolution and liquidation, approval of business combinations, and various other jurisdictions.

Pelotonia riders stand with their bikes at the starting in anticipation of the ride ahead of them.
Credit: Kristen Mitchell / Former Campus Editor

“As Pelotonia continues to grow, it makes sense to establish the organization as an independent 501c3,” a statement from the university said. “This designation will allow Pelotonia to seek more diverse sources of funding and raise more funds for cancer research at Ohio State.”

With the new structure, Pelotonia, a fundraiser and bike tour that raises money for cancer research at the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, would be able to receive more donations and funding as a tax-exempt nonprofit, according to Board meeting documents.  

Michael Eicher, senior vice president for advancement, led the conversation on the restructuring in the Thursday advancement meeting and noted that with this new corporation, those who could not donate to Pelotonia due to having a conflict of interest within the university would be able to.

He said the success in the past eight years could be increased if the changes are made.

“It is time we change that structure and encourage pelotonia to become a separate element,” Eicher said. “The upside is a potential to make dramatically more money in this structure is there.”


Various hospital construction projects

The Board approved a $19.3 million construction contract for the renovation of medical center business offices housed at 600, 660 and 700 Ackerman Road, as well as a $2.5 million professional services contract for the renovation and expansion of a wing at OSU Hospital East.

“The renovation is primarily to address a number of support departments,” said Jay Kasey, the senior vice president of administration and planning. “It will move the number of employees housed in the building from 468 employees to 608 employees.”

Construction on the Ackerman complex is set to take place beginning in August of this year and conclude February 2019.

OSU Hospital East — located on Taylor Avenue, a couple miles east of downtown Columbus — is slated for a $26 million renovation project to redesign and expand operating rooms, among other upgrades. The design process is set to begin next month, with construction taking place from June 2018 through September 2019.

More details: Here.


Various multi-million dollar endowments

Various endowment funds were approved including the Transportation and Parking Project Endowment Fund effective June 9 totaling $6 million from the University’s parking assets, and The Student-Athlete Support Fund effective June 9 totaling $1.3 million of unrestricted funds from the NCAA.

According to meeting materials, the Transportation and Parking Project Endowment Fund will “provide funding for campus transportation and parking events,” and The Student-Athlete Support Fund will “be used to enhance life skills and foster post-graduate career success for student-athletes at the discretion of the director of the Department of Athletics.”


A $2.4 million increase in the budget to redesign Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake construction began in Oct. 2016. Credit: Kevin Stankiewicz | Editor In Chief

The budget expansion allows for various safety features including a quick-drain system capable of draining the lake in approximately 60 minutes and an aquatic bench will consist of at least 15 feet of dense aquatic plants between the path and the open water.

More details: Here.


A $13.3 million budget to complete the design and enable construction for a proposed redesign of Postle Hall, which hosts the school of dentistry.

“(The design) really compliments the street,” said Keith Myers, associate vice president of planning and real estate with the Office of Administration and Planning.


A $44.1 million dollar budget that will be allocated to construction for phase one of the Cannon Drive relocation.

The road is set to close for construction on Sept. 5, which is days away from football season kickoff. Though each phase of the project has a different estimated completion date, the relocation of Cannon Drive in its entirety will take at least three to four years to complete.


Athletic Projects Put on Hold

Proposed athletic projects, including adding Wi-Fi to Ohio Stadium and the Jerome Schottenstein Center and upgrades to the Woody Hayes Athletic Center were turned down by Board subcommittees for the time being.

The $9.5 million Wi-Fi implementation, aimed at “upgrading the fan experience” and the $7.8 million WHAC renovation were not voted on by the full board following the sub-committees decisions to wait on the projects.

Ohio Stadium Wi-Fi and other university athletic facility projects have been put on hold. Credit: Lantern File Photo

The purchase of a historical Columbus school building

The Board approved the purchase of Indianola Middle School, located at 420 E. 19th Avenue, which is currently owned by Columbus Public Schools.

Myers said OSU does not yet have a specific purpose planned for the space, but instead this purchase was strategic, most notably because of its proximity to campus. An exact price of the building has yet to be set as it is still awaiting appraisal.


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